Public Schools Should Stop Threatening Unvaccinated Kids

With more than 600,000. students, Los Angeles Unified School district is the nation’s second largest school system. This is the biggest district that has a mandate to provide vaccines for all students and employees.

Officials from the district had given a January 10 deadline to everyone aged 12 or older who wanted to have their vaccines. However, 34,000 of these young people declined to go to school to have them vaccinated. The district had announced that it was planning to exile these students into the virtual world, as of Friday. The Washington Post. Students in L.A who are not vaccinated will likely be granted a reprieve. The school board may vote Tuesday to defer enforcement until after the fall semester.

However, the simple fact that For not getting vaccinated, thousands of teens are being punished Disconcerting that it was even considered. Indeed, throughout the pandemic, the enforcers of COVID-19 restrictions have had few qualms about making children miserable—even though the under-18 crowd has little to fear from the disease. Young people are safer from COVID-19 than older adults, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated. However, seniors who are not vaccinated face a significantly higher risk than teenagers without vaccinating them. This is despite the fact that children and teens in America are subject to the strictest and most uncompromising prevention of pandemics policies, particularly at public schools.

For example, many New York City schools will be taking retaliation against teenagers who aren’t vaccinated by banning them from participating in sports or extracurricular activities. Recently, a public service announcement warned teens to get their vaccines or they will lose access to their social lives.

Encourage teenagers to get their vaccines. It is one thing, but it’s another to threaten them by causing further problems in their lives or threatening to endanger their educational and social careers. COVID-19 has little effect on healthy teenagers. But two years’ worth of school closings, social isolation and virtual education are clearly having an adverse impact. Elementary and middle school test scores—particularly among minority students—are plummeting; and according to the surgeon general, more young people are experiencing depressive episodes than ever before.

The schools should not shame or sanction students who aren’t vaccinated. They also shouldn’t continue to use virtual learning. All of these policies are not in the best interest for teenagers or kids. Their lives must return to normal.