California Reinstates Mask Mandate as Omicron Panic Devours Team Blue

Despite no new public information that would suggest there is anything novel to fear from the omicron variant of COVID-19—which seems to be producing mild cases in vaccinated individuals—many municipalities are regressing into full-blown panic and reimposing mitigation measures.Example: Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom restored California’s mask mandate. It was reinstated on December 15, and continued until January 15.

Californians were already living with some form of mask mandate. Los Angeles did not lift its requirement.

Officials quickly argued that this mandate is needed because the number of cases has risen by 47% since Thanksgiving. This is what it said sounds like a lotHowever, we are actually talking about an actual increase of 9 to 10 cases per 100,000 persons to 14 cases for every 100,000. The new strain is not as dangerous as the Delta variant but it has caused less severe illness in those who have contracted it.

According to Rochelle Walensky, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director, it “looks less serious in really early data,” she told ABC News. “We are certainly watching and being very curious about disease severity.”

California is hardly the only Democratic-controlled place to implement new restrictions due to omicron panic. Philadelphia introduced a vaccine requirement for indoor restaurants. Children will need to be aware of it. The city gives them up to February to obtain their shots.

Throughout the pandemic, I’ve looked to elite college campuses—where the student population is typically between 90 and 99 percent vaccinated, and at low risk of negative COVID-19 health outcomes—for any evidence that progressive officials will ease up on their love of pandemic restrictions. We’ve witnessed it over and again that those who can afford normal living are the ones being made to be cautious. It’s the same with omicron. DePaul University, Chicago, announced yesterday that classes would be moved online in January. Craig Klugman is a DePaul medical anthropologist who was also a member of the COVID advisory group. He spoke to higher education watchdog news website College FixHe was not present in the meeting where the decision was taken.

Middlebury College, Vermont is now offering remote instruction. They have asked students to evacuate immediately. The students will complete all final exams online. All social and athletic events have been cancelled. Students stuck on campus cannot eat in cafeterias: They can grab and go. It is mandatory to wear a mask and it will be strictly enforced.

A select committee investigating January 6, 2017 riot at U.S. Capitol voted to place Mark Meadows (chief of staff to ex-President Donald Trump) in contempt for not appearing before Congress to answer any questions regarding his involvement in those events. CNBC reports:

Meadows is third Trump ally who could face criminal charges for refusing to appear in depositions to answer questions on the Jan. 6th attack.

The bipartisan, nine-member panel voted unanimously in support of a report that includes a resolution recommending that the House find Meadows in contempt and refer him to the Department of Justice for criminal prosecution.

The 51-page contempt report lays out Meadows’ refusal to fully comply with the subpoena, which required him to produce a slew of records to the committee and sit for a deposition with the investigators.

The report includes interesting details on Trump’s relatives and Fox News host to persuade him to do more to end the riot. According to Bulwark:

According to records, several Fox News hosts believed that the President required immediate action. Meadows was notified by the hosts:

“Hey Mark, the president needs to tell people in the Capitol to go home…this is hurting all of us…he is destroying his legacy,” Laura Ingraham wrote.

Please get him on television. Brian Kilmeade said, “Destroying all you have achieved.”

“Can he make a statement?…Ask people to leave the Capitol,” Sean Hannity urged.

One of the sons of President Trump texted Meadows as the violence continued:

“He has to be condemned for this.” [shit] ASAP. Donald Trump Jr. sent the following tweet: “The Capitol Police tweet is insufficient.”

Meadows replied, “I push it hard.” “I agree.

Yet, Trump didn’t immediately take action. Donald Trump Jr. repeatedly texted to urge action from the president, “We require an Oval address.” He needs to take the lead. This has gotten too far.

“Mr. Meadows has shown his willingness to talk about issues related to the select committee’s investigation across a variety of media platforms—anywhere, it seems, except to the select committee,” the panel wrote in a recent report.

Due to various problems with train cars, the D.C. Metro’s current capacity is greatly diminished. Rep. Gerry Connolly (D–Va.) Metro leaders will be called to give evidence before Congress on the hiding of card details for many years. According to NBC

Metro must be held responsible for their inability to conceal the fact they experienced a safety issue with series 7000 cars over four years. He said that they kept it secret for four years.

“That for me – I’m a Catholic — that’s in the category of a mortal sin,” Connolly added.

There have been two main questions since the train that ran on the Blue Line, near Arlington Cemetery, on October 12, was derailed. They didn’t tell anyone.

Metro stated that they are grateful for Connolly’s supervision and will provide further information as needed.

Connolly stated that transparency is crucial.

He said, “If we want to win back riders’ confidence so that they return to the sport,”.

Metro’s fleet includes about 60% Metro’s 7000 series railcars. Riders continue to experience long delays without them.

(No kidding.)

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  • Kentucky tornadoes claimed the life of a corrections officer while he was supervising inmates at a candle factory.
  • The wrongly killing innocent civilians by drone strikes in Afghanistan is unlikely to result in anyone being punished.
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