More Book Recommendations

Will’s blog post inspired me (since the cool kids are doing this) to copy his example.

[1.]Will’s advice of Scout MindsetJulia Galef, a photo:

A book about how and why to be rational—that is, to try to see the world as it is even if it isn’t what we wish. A “soldier mindset” is dedicated to fighting against the beliefs that we do not currently believe; while a “scout mindset”, is focused on learning about all of what is out there. This book shows great empathy for those who have emotional needs that can make it difficult to think clearly. It uses stories and examples from the Dreyfuss Affair to his own personal love story. It is important and could be life-changing.

[2.]Neal Stephenson’s latest novel also appealed to me. Termination shock, which can be considered a more technothriller than science fiction but it could technically be called very near future SF. Will and Andy Weir are also my recommendations. Mary, Project Hail MaryMartha Wells MurderbotThe latest volume in a series is the last book.Fugitive Telemetry) came out this year.

[3.]Moving from SF/SFish into fantasy (I guess what I would call “urban fantasy”, with police procedural thrown in), Ben Aaronovitch continues to be a great author. Rivers of London Series, including the most recent (How Abigail spent her summerAlso, this year, the ) was released.