Australia Falls Back Into Arbitrary Restrictions as Omicron Emerges

When I saw headlines announcing omicron, the newly emerged “worst ever” variant of COVID-19, my heart sank—not because I was worried for my health or even surprised about a new variant, but because I was afraid of what this could mean for those of us in Australia who are still checking off “firsts” after lockdowns. This was my first trip to the cinemas in three years. It’s supposed to be my first Christmas in three years with my family, and also the first meeting of my parents and my partner.

With omicron still on the loose my hope lay with the unpredictable hands of politicians. Internationale borderAlready, openings have been delayed by 2 weeks to December 15. The list of prohibited countries has also expanded.

Sometimes, it is worse for Australians living with their family across state boundaries.

Western AustraliaLife seems normal. Beautiful zero-COVID bubbleIt is not like. The Truman ShowNo matter what they do, Western Australians cannot leave. The premier of Western Australia has not even provided a date when borders would open.

Queensland’s health department has stated that organ donors will be accepted. denied surgeryIf they choose not to receive the vaccine, There are no exceptions to the rules for people who refuse to receive vaccine because of legitimate health reasons.

Tens of thousand protestors marched in Victoria for several weeks. Pandemic Management BillIt was passed by the state parliament last Wednesday. It replaces the Premier’s Emergency Powers with Permanent power To deal with the “long COVID.” Premier Daniel Andrews or the state minister of health can unilaterally order a state lockdown Even if no criminal cases are filed, that’s a staggering 6.7 million people. The police have the power to enter private residences and arrest people without any oversight from the courts. You can also create specific pandemic rules for particular groups or people depending on the “characteristics or attributes of those individuals”

Melbourne, Victoria’s people spent 262 DaysThe combination of these two groups is causing them to struggle under the strictest lockdowns around. The state government acknowledges the damage lockdowns have caused to people’s mental well-being, however state officials refuse to grant individuals the security they require by ending lockdowns. Instead, government simply Building dedicated mental health facilities.

Worst of all, the Northern Territory established at Howard Springs a quarantine unit for people who are not from its territory.Travelling from overseas Close contactsYou need a place where you can isolate yourself. However, social media is rife with people claiming that they have these services. MemoryConcentration camps

Although the visuals may seem bad, reality is much more positive. While the facilities may not be five-star resorts, it is a nice alternative to being in quarantine for two weeks this July. I’m a bit jealous of the laundry area and balconies. As absurd as it is unhelpful to make comparisons with Auschwitz’s squalor or death, They are distracting from the actual abuses of freedom in Australia and increase anxiety among Aboriginal communities.

Some people are so bored they want to fly early but no one is being forced with vaccines. Right or wrong, mandatory quarantine for incoming travelers is not unique to Australia—for example, the United Kingdom scrapped mandatory hotel quarantinesBut they were able to bring them back with the new omicron variety.

Although close contacts have the ability to stay at home with their family, this is rarely possible for people who live in remote Aboriginal communities. These are at-risk people who live in remote areas, often hundreds of kilometres from hospitals and without easy access to transport. This would lead to disaster if COVID-19 was released into the communities.

Many extended families live in large groups, with sometimes more than 30 living together under the same roof. It is impossible to keep loved ones safe by isolating yourself at home. While no one should send someone away without their consent, many people choose to go to Howard Springs to safeguard themselves and their loved ones. 

People need to be calm, regardless of whether they are panicking about omicrons or trying to compare Auschwitz’s quarantine facilities with Australia. Often, the fear of a threat is more damaging than its actual threat.