The Growing Attacks on Asian American Excellence

Kenny Xu, the president of the non-profit Color Us UnitedThis book, advocating “for a raceblind America” is the author A Inconvenient Minority – The Attack on Asian American Excellence & the Fight for Meritocracy. He is also an Robert Novak fellow American Studies Fund.

Xu is the child of Chinese immigrants. The most fascinating parts of his memoir are his struggles with living up to expectations for model-minority people. He is just 24 and passionately writes about American legal discrimination against Chinese Americans and Japanese Americans. Harvard’s notorious admissions procedures, he believes discriminate against Asians. This is in an unfortunate attempt to boost representation by Latinos and blacks.

In a passionate and intensive conversation with Nick Gillespie Xu also discusses the role of religion in his life as well as the impact of family on the lives of other members of the Asian American community.