Jordan Sudberg: New York’s Leading Pain Management Specialist

Jordan Sudberg is a leading pain management specialist in the New York area. Dr. Sudberg is formally trained in physical and neuromuscular medicine. He performed his post-graduate medical training at Staten Island University Hospital and North Shore Long Island Jewish Hospital. He focused on the studies of tissue engineering and musculoskeletal disorders during his time spent at Harvard University’s Massachusetts General Hospital and St Vincent’s Medical Center in Manhattan.

Sudberg has also undergone procedure specific training in nerve conduction studies and muscular diagnostics at Columbia Presbyterian University to perfect his skills in this specific area. Sudberg specializes in Sports Medicine and Muscular Disorders; specifically the lower back and extremities. Additionally, his areas of interest include Elite Fitness, Peak Performance and Regenerative Medicine.

Pain Management is a critical form of medicine and with Dr. Jordan Sudberg in its upper ranks, the field has only continued gaining prominence in recent years.