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Winning Back Lost Customers

Winning Back Lost Customers

It is not easy to keep customers happy and engaged. Many businesses find that they lose a lot of customers over time, and it can be hard to win them back. However, every business can use some simple, effective steps to win back lost customers back on board. In this article, Jonathan Osler shares 7several tips for winning back lost clients.

1. Reach Out To Them

One of the best ways to win back lost customers is by reaching out to them. Businesses can either call or email them or send them a handwritten letter. If a business has lost some of its clients, they should let them know that they value them and would love to have them back on board.

2. Offering Them Discounts

Another great way to get customers back on board is by offering them a discount on their next purchase or service. This does not mean offering them a discount before they even agree to come back, but it can be an excellent motivator for some customers. For example, offering them 10% off as an incentive to return and make another purchase.

3. Having Competitive Services

With more attractive products and services, the business usually wins some customers over their competitors. It is essential to stay up-to-date with what is happening in the market as this helps understand customers’ wants and needs. After learning customers’ needs and wants, a business can then implement these changes into their business model if necessary.

4. Improving Customer Service

Many businesses begin to lose customers due to poor customer service. According to Jonathan Osler, being unable to give the best support leads to loss of customers. He also adds that where the business owner cannot provide quality support, they should think about hiring additional staff members who can help resolve customer issues and queries quickly and efficiently.

5. Strive for Excellence

When competing in the market today, it is essential to strive for excellence. Businesses need to focus on one thing only- giving customers what they want for a great price. This means that it should be a priority for every business to provide quality products or services instead of selling as many as possible each day.

He also recommends that business owners ensure that all their products pass stringent quality control tests before being offered for sale and provide them with a money-back guarantee if they are not up to standard. This shows how a business cares about its customers and will appreciate it.

6. Stay Up-To-Date with the Latest Technologies

Every business owner should understand that using the latest technology gives customers an even better experience. Typically, customers won’t stick around if competitors offer better customer services. One way to help enhance customer experience is by adding online chat functions to the business website so that potential customers can get all of their questions answered in real-time without having to pick up the phone or email first.


Following these tips can be easy while trying to win back lost customers and improve business in the process.