Jen Psaki’s Snarky Comments Can’t Cover for the FDA’s Rapid Testing Approval Failures

Jen Psaki, White House press secretary accidentally said the following during an argument with reporters. RealAmerica is far behind other countries when it comes COVID-19 rapid screening. The reason?

Mara Liasson asked Psaki why countries have cheaper COVID kits. Psaki responded by reciting her points. She said that the Biden Administration has quadrupled the size of its testing program and she is trying to get reimbursements for Americans who pay out-of-pocket.

Psaki used her usual snarky tone to avoid answering Liasson’s questions.

That’s pretty rich coming from the same White House that was, just two months ago, touting its plan to spend $1 billion purchasing and distributing roughly 200 million at-home tests for free each month to health clinics and community centers. This is what it looks like There are reasonsRon Bailey of’s pointed out recently that this amounts to approximately 0.6 American tests per month. Psaki is literally mocking the Biden administration’s own approach as woefully inadequate—which, to be fair, it is!

Here’s where the money is, according to the official transcript from the White House press conference

Q: What do you know? All I know is that other countries seem to be making them available for—in greater quantities, for less money.

MS. PSAKI (Male): I believe we have the same goal, which is making them more affordable and accessible. Right?

Each country will do it differently. Just to add, FDA approval is required for all of our testing. That’s not the same process that — it doesn’t work that way in every single country. However, what we are trying to do is to continue building on our successes and to increase our testing capability. Because, Mara, this is a crucial component in fighting the virus.

(Emphasis mine.)

Exactly. America’s labyrinthine approval process is the reason America lags behind many countries.

As Matthew Yglesias, a journalist, points out, indeed, there are American companies making tests for use overseasEven though the FDA has not approved them for use in America, It is madness. It is madness that the FDA can’t accelerate the FDA’s evaluations so they match the work being done elsewhere in Germany, Britain and elsewhere. The FDA should provide an emergency authorization to legalize the sale of approved tests in countries other than the US, although without the official seal. That should have been done months ago by President Joe Biden.

Americans trying to survive another pandemic could benefit from rapid at-home testing. Even though I have COVID vaccine, it would be nice to be able take an at home test without having to visit my family or engage in any other social activities this winter. After visiting a nearby pharmacy, I discovered that a 2-pack of test packs would cost me $25. For each weekly test, a family of four will need to pay around $200 per month. The high cost of testing will likely limit the amount of testing that can be done, even for those with financial means.

Supply increases are the best way to reduce prices. And there is plenty of supply in the global COVID-19 testing marketplace—except in America. Thanks, FDA.


Phil Harvey—the erotica and contraceptive entrepreneur who in 1972 founded Adam & Eve, a groundbreaking mail-order business specializing in erotic literature, film, and sex toys—died last week at age 83. 

Harvey was frequently a target for government anti-smut campaign and won several legal battles in support of Americans’ sexual rights and reproductive freedoms. Harvey’s philanthropy and work were focused on freedom. They also believed in the power to control those freedoms responsibly. It was a charmingly American combination that brought pleasure, choice, control and joy to millions of people both here and around the world. You have to understandBrian Doherty,.

(Harvey was a financial backer of Reason Foundation, the non-profit that published this newsletter.


Elon Musk, Tesla CEO and founder of Tesla Motors said Monday that he was literally saying “get rid of all subsidies”, escalating recent criticisms of Biden’s “Build back Better” plan. 

A hosted event The Wall Street JournalMusk suggested to Congress that they “can the whole bill”. He criticised the Biden administration’s plan for subsidized electric car purchases and stated that $7.5 billion will be spent to improve access to electric vehicle charging points.

Biden’s plan provides subsidies for electric vehicles up to $12,500. Musk may be a bit salty because of (as). Reason’s Joe Lancaster last week noted that Tesla cars are not eligible for full payment because, like Toyotas and Hondas (and other EVs), they were not made by unionized workers.

Musk’s antisubsidy sentiment is appreciated in this instance. However, Musk has a long history collecting government aid whenever it’s convenient.


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Jay Powell, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, indicated that the central bank might raise interest rates this spring in an effort to combat inflation.

Inflation is being fueled by President Joe Biden’s strict immigration policies and “Buy American” rules.

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• This salad is Mexican food. Nevada Judge will rule.

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