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In 1968, “Free Minds and Free Markets” was founded as a monthly publication. ReasonIt has been the leading global source of news, politics, culture and ideas, based on a principled libertarian platform. There’s a lot to be proud of. We have a long history, with articles about everything: Love Canal (an extremely misreported story in New York about a toxic waste dump that caused all kinds of poor environmental policies), to “opiophobia”, the withholding of medication from patients suffering from chronic pain and “The Fragile Generation” which Jonathan Haidt’s term for overprotective parenting’s effect on Generation Z and millennials. There have been thousands of videos about everything, from Los Angeles’ crazy war on bacon-wrapped dogs to George Hotz’s failed attempt at making a self-driving vehicle for $1000 to the devastating consequences of China’s one-child policy. The podcast library keeps growing as we add new episodes to the rollicking. Reason RoundtableThese are the details Reason InterviewAnd the sizzling Soho Forum DebatesContinue to roll without pausing.

It is profound. ReasonThe future is what matters. We need to make the world more open, free and fair. Dare I even say, better. Have fun? Because they’re both practical and moral, produce more wealth and knowledge and distribute those goods more effectively than any other way of organizing society, we believe in “Free Minds and Free Markets.” However, “Free Minds and Free Markets”, create an environment that encourages creativity, wonder, and joy. This is why we have a unique opportunity to be the first ever. ReasonNFT to be sold (with all proceeds supporting our work).

We collaborate with YouTube star Remy to share our song parody videos. They cover everything, from the war against unpasteurized dairy to the follies and wars over cryptocurrency.

Fun and free play aren’t something to be coveted. These are essential parts of our development, and remain so all through our lives. Peter Gray (developmental psychologist) said that they were. Reason 2017 His research demonstrates that “the gradual decline in play” among America’s children has led to “well documented, gradual, but ultimately huge increases in a variety of mental disorders in childhood—especially depression and anxiety.”

It was joked that 2021 could not be better than 2020 when it began. We are here. Your generous support for ReasonIt keeps the lights on, powers our web and print journalism, as well as our audio and video. This is vital to all of our work. We’ll bring back more of our award winning investigative work and indictments against government overreach. Our profiles of people revolutionizing commerce, culture and business will be available as well as our larger-picture thinking on how we can make the world a better place. Fun is an essential part of a happy life. We will also bring more enjoyment.

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