Read Why Reason Consumers Have Donated to Our Almost-Over Webathon!

So why, exactly, are you wonderful readers/listeners/viewers of ReasonThis year’s Webathon is the 2nd-biggest, possibly even largest annual Webathon. TheOur 14-year history of online fundraising has seen us achieve our biggest ever haul. We have already met not just one, but TWO fundraising goals (later, $420,000!). Let us hear about you. First, let’s remind you:


You will find a comment box on the Webathon donation page. This is where you can add your ideas, zingers and bon mots. It makes for fascinating reading.

You have more than one dozen credit cards ReasonThese are just a few of the many benefits that can help you stay “sane” in these chaotic times. Oh, don’t worry about the swag. Just keep going!And holy COW, about 7,000% more people had nice words about it Roundtable ReasonIt was a great year. All the best, my fellow children!

This is where we’ll begin with a great conversion story. Then, we will move to the five major categories of listener generated comment. You Really Do Get Us; You can agree to disagree; Nick Gillespie Appreciation Society; Spreading love Limericks. But FIRST!

For the majority of my adult years, I felt abandoned politically. I didn’t like the dogma of either the left nor right. In 2016, Reason magazine was discovered by me. Maybe it was Katherine Manguward tweeting about private space exploration. Or Matt Welch talking about baseball, a rock band, or school choice. Although I can’t recall how or why I found Reason, it felt like I was not the only one in this political wilderness. Thanks, Reason, Reason staff, for your tireless efforts to create a space that is sane in an insane world.

Yes, I’m sorry! Let’s move on

1) You Get Us.

Although I had already donated via my donor advised fund, I wanted to have lunch with KMW so much that I made a donation here. Nick’s random comments and near-inappropriate remarks give me hope that Nick will be able to help with any condition we may share. Yes, my wife and I both pay for our sex. She doesn’t really need it, but she loves the experience. All things considered, I see a lot of value in the services you provide for me and the rest of the world.


Calm rational thinking is what I like. It allows me to separate liking from disliking an outcome and discuss if they are correct. We appreciate all that you do.


Your shower is full of drug-feuding robot pigs. This would easily be worth a couple of quid, but it’s also a place that allows for open debate.




Keep it up, Round Table. You are entertaining with your humor and insightful insights. Even though libertarianism may seem disconcerting on a political basis, the podcast inspires me to be optimistic about human expression.


The Sexbots are for everybody.


In 2021, I’m poor, but I still love you all, particularly the roundtable hosts, who I adore even more than anyone. You will see more next year, I promise. Just keep going. No shouting! I’m a govt. Contractor, for God’s sake. Should I have more money? I live off of the wealth. Must question life choices…


To get an alternative perspective on global events and to hear new ideas, listen to Reason Roundtable every week. Come for the discussion, but stay for the jokes and bad puns.


Matt Welch, please give us a pronunciation [ pruh-nuhn-see-ey-shuhn ] guide.


It is the best place I know to be kept up to date with internet news. Your reporting is balanced and balanced. You are a great example of what’s possible with opinion and reporting.


You are not only a fun place for those who share your interests, but you also provide a platform for people of all backgrounds to connect with each other. We look forward to having fun with occasionally jostling content, conversations, and being able to access a dynamic, more open world that allows us all to explore the freak-flags.


Thanks. I hope this will be helpful for Nick’s shroom stash or Katherine’s brownie bakes. These guys are awesome.

2) You agree to disagree (this one’s Katherine’s favorite)

The Roundtable is my primary source of information. You guys are nuts about everything. From what the government can do to us, to how the MCU works. BUT….I value the balance the Roundtable gives me in comparison to the rest of my media bubble. KMW is sometimes the most smart thing I have heard in months. Keep up the good work!


Thank you for helping me to stay sharp in both my agreement and disagreements. Kudos for the Kindle version of the magazine.


This was something I heard on Reason Roundtable. It made me want to show my support for the work you do at Although I may not agree with all the views, I appreciate both the differences and the points of view. Keep up the excellent work.


While I disagree with some of what you have to say, it is refreshing that you do not hesitate to share your thoughts.

3) Nick Gillespie Appreciation Society

The reason roundtable is a great weekly show; I love Nick’s interview with reason – or at least most of his interviews


Nick is the one that likes my tweets. Keep fighting!!


Although I realize that this donation is not sufficient to fulfill personal requests, could anyone grab Nick Gillespie so we can relive the scene? Good Will HuntingWhere they tell him it’s not his fault and he starts to cry.


No, I do not need any schwag. Save the $$ and just keep up the good work…and by “good work” busting Gillespie’s balls on The Reason Roundtable is at the top of the list.


Reason Roundtable is my favorite podcast. Although I don’t currently have $1000, I would love to meet Nick for lunch one day.

4) Spreading Love

Gillespie (and Soave and Welch) are all national treasures. But they do so for very different reasons. You should keep getting on the podcasts and interviews that matter. Fifth Columnists Kmele and Moyn could write a column every fifth day…


Continue your outstanding work. Eric Boehm has to be America’s greatest journalist. It is an honor to have him aboard.


Listening to Reason Roundtable is something I enjoy! Reason’s focus on the collapse of the Soviet Union is something I appreciate greatly. My mother fled Latvia with her family in 1944. They arrived in the United States in 1949. However, I still have relatives in Latvia. Fiona Harrigan’s great articles about migration and the Baltic States are wonderful. Peter Suderman’s cocktails include Riga Black Balsam, which I am curious about.


All the amazing reporting done by these guys is appreciated. The greatest source of news for me is Reason, and I’d be happy to give more if it were possible. Keep up the excellent work.


In the unlikely event that I die, I would like to give my body to Katherine ManguWard.

5) Limericks

I love your work, especially the Reason Roundtable podcast — it’s a little burst of sanity I look forward to each week. We appreciate all that you do. Matt wanted to know if I could share one of the most memorable limericks that I have:

An old man was there

Peru: Peruvian lim’ricks everywhere

looked like haiku. He

With a laugh, “I!”

cuts ’em in half — the pay is

It’s much more fun for two.


Once there were only two men. Now, they are all one.

But, Katherine is now in control.

However, the 4th man is a geek.

According to my knowledge, who likes cocktails?

It is as loud and clear as a Florida barge.

(I’m sorry but limericks that are clean can be difficult.

Look, SomeAlthough some of the Webathon contributors may have misunderstood poetry, they are still able to provide valuable information. AllOf ’em! C’mon, man! Participate in the parade of bad pronounctuation and support us to produce more libertarian journalism.