Trial Lawyers Cash In On Biden’s Build Back Better Plan

By Jessica Anderson For RealClearPolitics

Americans are spending pennies on Christmas presents and heating their homes this year while Democrats in Washington fill their liberal wish lists to the brim by embracing out-of-touch policy and making allowances for rich donors.

Take a look at Nancy Pelosi’s $2.5 billion giveaway to trial lawyers in the multitrillion-dollar Build back Better Act that passed the House last week.

Lawyers who represent clients in court get huge compensation from the large percentage of cases that are won or settled. Although the legal team may have to pay some filing costs and document costs for their work, it is more than enough to cover the large fee they receive at the end.

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That apparently isn’t good enough for House Democrats. Lawyers are typically not able to deduct these expenses until the end of a case, and then only if the lawyers don’t get paid back. House Democrats are determined to ensure trial lawyers receive a tax break on all costs. This is regardless of whether or not they are paid back in a settlement or win.  

The Joint Committee on Taxation has reportedly estimated this giveaway to be $2.5 billion over a decade. For a common person, it may seem strange that Congress would give $2.5 billion in tax breaks to trial attorneys.

Things start to make sense when you pay attention to the money. The sea upon which liberal politicians flot is trial lawyer cash. John Morgan of Morgan & Morgan, whose billboards and television ads are ubiquitous, was a massive supporter of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, personally sending a $355,000 check to the Biden Victory Fund and then flying Frank Biden to his brother’s inauguration on his private jet.

Joe Rice, the founder of South Carolina-based Motley Rice LLC, who owns at least one 100-foot-plus yacht and built a private golf course, bundled so much money for Joe Biden that he was a rumored pick to be ambassador to the Bahamas. 

And another Motley Rice partner from Rhode Island donated so much money to liberal causes — to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars — that he got a seat on the federal bench with the help of Rhode Island’s own Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse.

The trial lawyer commitment to liberals is detailed in new research from professor Derek Muller of the University of Iowa’s law school, who looked at law firm political donations (including 40 top-ranked trial firms) between 2017-2020 to the chief political committees on the right and left. 

Muller found that the political donations out of all but five of the trial lawyer shops went 90% or more to Democrats, while “nine of these firms had $0 in contributions to major Republican outlets in this four-year period; another six had less than $100.” 

You didn’t misread that last part — at some firms, the donations from employees totaled hundreds of thousands of dollars, and not one of those dollars found its way to a major Republican outlet.

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The House Democrats’ trillion-dollar-plus tax-and-spend giveaway is littered with out-of-touch policies that will drive up prices and further bankrupt the country. However, the $2.5B tax break Nancy Pelosi along with her aides are trying steer towards their wealthy campaign backers and friends in the trial bar sums how corrupt the bill.

This boondoggle could only be viewed as a bad idea by Washington insiders or radical left-wing partisans. All but one House Democrat voted for the Build Back Better Act, further solidifying the notion that Democrats are not the party Of “tax the rich” as they claim, but the party of These elites are the coastal riches. 

The Senate should reject the bill. They must stand up for those Americans left behind by Biden’s administration and not for Big Law donors or their friends.

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Jessica Anderson, the executive director at Heritage Action is a conservative grassroots organisation with 2,000,000 grassroots activists in America.

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