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1968 – Established ReasonThe magazine has an extensive history of championing the future, discovering and inventing new things. Our magazine was the first to promote outlandish and seemingly crazy policies, such as equal rights for gays or lesbians in drug legalization. This happened half a century before other magazines like National Review The New RepublicThey were caught up in bitter twilight conflicts over the threats that rock music presented to their hairstyles and ability to listen to long hair. In 1995, we were among the early users of the internet. We published our first mass-individualized magazine. It contained unique content and covers that went to more than 40,000 subscribers. Our award-winning video platform, which was launched in 2007, has been viewed over 234,000,000 times on YouTube (plus millions of views via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook). You may have noticed some of the following aspects: Termination ShockIf you are familiar with the Neal Stephenson book about geoengineering called ‘The Wonderful New Neal Stephenson Novel.

Take a look at Reason, we don’t fear the future, we celebrate it—and want to help guide its development by exploring what policies, technologies, mindsets, and temperaments are best suited to prosper in the creative destruction that is an essential part of a vibrant, innovative, and forward-facing world.

And that brings me to a fun new thing we’re doing as part of our annual webathon, the one week a year where we ask our kind, gentle, generous, and so-goddamn-beautiful-it-hurts-my-eyes readers of this website to help cover the costs of producing great articles, videos, and podcasts. A temporary gift is available for those who make a tax-deductible $50 donation. ReasonTo tattoo your name and see it in our banner advertising celebrating supporters For $100 you can get this, as well as a digital membership (that gives access to more than 50 years worth of archives and allows for optional Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram shout-outs). You get everything plus 2021 at $500 ReasonRobby Soave’s calendar with a signed copy Tech Panic. You get more for $1,000. This includes lunch in D.C. and an editor. See all levels of gifting available here.

You can click the image below to view the NFT (non-fungible token) auctioned to help fund “think magazine”.

Ted Barnett is one of the techno-savvy trustees at the Reason Foundation, which publishes There are reasonsThis NFT is being auctioned off by. Roundtable ReasonPodcast by Kathrine Manguward, Peter Suderman, Matt Welch, me) with all profits going to our journalism.

You’re new to NFTs? This explanation will explain. Reason‘s Liz Wolfe. It suffices to state that NFTs are a unique form of property and art, but it can also be duplicated (suckit Walter Benjamin!). While NFTs may be considered a trend in art, they could also prove to be an outdated trend.

You win the auction to the Reason # 1 NFTYou can do whatever you like with the object, but the smart contract that governs it stipulates that Reason Foundation receives 10 percent from any future purchase. Pretty cool, right? It will be donated to whatever you paid for it. ReasonYour coffers, though complicated tax laws prevent you from claiming the cost as an income tax deduction.

Open Sea hosts the auction. It requires an understanding of cryptocurrency Ether, Ethereum blockchain and how it works, as well as some time to get through all the details of linking your crypto funds and your wallet with Open Sea. But if I—a left-handed, near-sighted, 58-year-old English major—can figure all that out, so can you. Open Sea offers a wealth of FAQs that will help you to understand the possibilities. At 6 pm on Tuesday, December 7, the auction will end.

You can be the first one to buy the first ReasonYou can use NFT as you please! You can also support Reason‘s journalism—and a future of libertarian “free minds and free markets”—by more conventional, fully tax-deductible means using credit cards, PayPal, or crypto (of course). You get too many things to list here, but the swag is great for $5,000! It’s all here.