Can 75 Million Kenny G Fans Be Wrong?

We sincerely apologize to Elvis Presley. Can it be wrong for 75 million Kenny G lovers to love the man that created “smooth Jazz”? This is the central question of this HBO new documentary. Kenny G: Listening.

Kenneth Gorelick is most well-known for the instrumental hit “Songbird” or “Silhouette.” He was formerly Kenneth Gorelick and sold 75,000,000 records between the 1980s. In recent years, the Weeknd and Kanye West have enjoyed new popularity through their collaborations. But one thing has remained constant over his entire career is the insane amount of bile jazz musicians and critics have spew at him.

Listening To Kenny GDirector Penny Lane told Nick Gillespie that it is “an exploration into why Kenny G has been the most successful, popular, and best-selling instrumentist of all time” and what makes this success so mad to a subset of people. The film is at times funny, and sometimes deep. Jazz critics rail against its title character who appears to be able to take it all in stride.

Lane talks also about some of her documentaries in the past, such as Nixon2013. Hail Satan?2019; Watch a ReasonIt is here that she talks about why Errol Morris is such a great nonfiction filmmaker and about what she enjoys. ReasonShe started to read this book in college. “Society needs people who are irritating, who sit outside and say, yes, but what?,” she says. This? Do you know what? This is the type of personality that I identify with.

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