A “Witch Hunt” at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Jason Kilborn from the University of Illinois at Chicago was criticised by colleagues, students and administrators nearly one year ago for using a hypothetical to explain a case involving an individual. Former co-workers expressed their anger at Plaintiff calling her “n____,” and “b____ (profane words for African Americans or women)” and vowing to remove her. Kilborn apologised after the allegations were made, but controversy and accusations only increased. Jesse Jackson was brought in by the students as a support to their demands for Kilborn’s firing. Kilborn was placed on suspension and under investigation. Kilborn was suspended and investigated. He finally reached an agreement with the university to allow him to resume his teaching duties. However, the university later reneged on the deal. The university continues to target him for discipline and reeducation, as well as opprobrium. UIC’s chancellor has been adamant about the issue. Andy Koppelman from Northwestern University has covered this matter since its inception and has criticized the actions of the university as a witch hunt.

Academic Freedom Alliance published the letter they sent to UIC’s dean of law schools. The following is a copy of the letter

It would be an egregious violation of academic liberty for the University of Illinois at Chicago, to sanction and retaliate against Professor Kilborn’s constitutionally or contractually protected classroom speech. The Academic Freedom Alliance is standing by Professor Kilborn. We ask that the University of Illinois at Chicago adhere to academic freedom principles.

The whole article is available here.