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Three Differences Between Managers and Leaders

Three Differences Between Managers and Leaders

Managers are people who have authority over other employees, but they don’t typically create the vision. Leaders are those who both work with others to come up with a vision and then give direction to help them achieve it. This article will explore three differences between managers and leaders, according to Father George Rutler.

1. Leaders set a vision, and managers give orders.

Leaders “distinguish what is important from what is merely urgent, and they inspire others to achieve results beyond expectations.” Managers have an organizational chart that limits their ability to lead without suggesting a course of action. By doing so, they become a part of the machine instead of the leader who helps guide people through the process. Father George believes that leaders come from the heart, not a title.

2. Leaders give leadership, and managers man-management.

Leaders understand that it takes more to lead people than just being in charge because influence goes much further than rank could ever go. Managers have a much different job as they are there to maintain order among their employees and hold them accountable if needed. Both jobs are important for an organization that thrives on efficiency, but leaders can do both and impact those they lead into being better individuals. By doing so, those who follow look up to this person as someone worthy of respect by listening to what they have to say and considering all options before making any decisions about actions taken towards others or themselves. This makes everyone around them better and more likely to succeed.

3. Leaders seek the good of others, and managers cover their own backs.

The biggest difference between leaders and managers is that managers consider themselves first. In contrast, leaders put themselves on the back burner to lead those they are trying to help more effectively. Father George believes that all people want to know that they aren’t alone and need a leader by their side throughout whatever struggle they may be going through, whether it is work-related or not: “Every person wants to feel comforted by his leader, even if he knows there’s no touch of sentimentality about him; we want someone who is real.” (Rutler, 2012)

By so, everyone can focus on what needs to be done without worrying about anything else because someone is always watching out for their best interests. This person is not only the leader but a friend as well.

ConclusionManagers and leaders both have important roles to play within an organization. Still, it’s the managers that keep things running smoothly while the leaders inspire those around them to reach new heights of success that they had never thought possible. Father George Rutler believes that leaders come from the heart and set up visions for others to reach before taking care of whatever has been put on their plate by helping others overcome any challenges in their way. This makes work less about getting tasks done and more about leading people through tough times with guidance from someone who cares what happens next instead of just telling everyone else what needs to be done without showing concern for how they feel afterwards.