Abolish Copyrights and Patents? A Soho Forum Debate

Copyright laws and patent laws are required by the United States Constitution to promote science and technology. However, would getting rid off copyright and patent laws be a good idea? AllIntellectual property laws are actually encouraged Continue readingAre inventors, writers and artists capable of creativity and innovation?

It was also the theme of Soho Forum’s November 15th debate in New York City.

Stephan KinsellaSince 1988, the attorney for patent law has been in practice. He argued that copyright and patent law must be eliminated.

He feels that copyright and patent trolls as well as powerful corporations have the power to create intellectual property laws. They also limit information flow and reduce innovation.

Richard Epstein is the Laurence A. Tisch Professor of Law at New York University School of Law. He says our system may not be perfect, but he sees copyright as an extension of private property rights, and that patents should be protected by libertarians. 

Moderator of Soho Forum, the debate was held in front of an audience. Gene Epstein.

Nick Gillespie narrates the story.Dited by John Osterhoudt. Caveat photos.