‘Woke Racism’ Has Betrayed Black America

“The people who find themselves calling themselves black folks saviors do not perceive this, however they’re hurting black folks as a result of what they’re caught up in is extra about advantage signaling to 1 one other than serving to individuals who truly need assistance.”

That is New York Instances columnist and Columbia College linguist John McWhorter speaking about his best-selling new ebook Woke Racism: How a New Faith Has Betrayed Black America. He argues that the concepts of Robin DiAngelo, Ibram X. Kendi, and The 1619 Mission undermine the success of black folks by sharpening racial divides and distracting from precise obstacles to actual progress.

His shortlist for what would most assist black America? “There needs to be no conflict on medication; society ought to get behind instructing everyone to learn the precise method; and we must always make strong vocational coaching as straightforward to acquire as a university schooling.”

Cause’s Nick Gillespie spoke with the 56-year-old McWhorter about what white folks get out of cooperating with an ideological agenda that casts them as devils, what black folks acquire by “performing” victimhood, and what wants to alter so that every one People can get on with making a extra good union.

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