President Biden Will Transfer Power To VP Harris During His Colonoscopy

Today President Biden will have a colonoscopy. In this process, President Biden will undergo a colonoscopy. There are still doubts regarding the Presidential Succession Act at this stage. Eugene referred to these views yesterday. They were most prominently expressed in Stanford Law Review by Vikram Amar and Professor Akhil Reed. It is highly unlikely that Speaker Nancy Pelosi would challenge Secretary of State Blinken’s claim for the presidency in the case of a double vacant. However, during the previous administration, there was a possibility of a clash between Pelosi’s and Secretary Mike Pompeo that could have led to a constitutional crisis.

Seth Barrett Tillman (me) and I voiced our disapproval with the Amars in the Atlantic. The South Texas Law Review’s ninth part of a ten-part series will provide an in-depth explanation about our position regarding the Succession Clause.