Jury Deliberations Begin in Kyle Rittenhouse Trial After Judge Tosses Gun Charge

After closing arguments, and another day filled with courtroom drama, Kyle Rittenhouse’s fate now rests in the hands the jury. This was after Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger, who displayed more reckless behavior, had been prosecuting.

Binger tried to imitate Rittenhouse’s actions by holding up the gun, and then he pulled the trigger. He did not point it at the juryAccording to some Twitter accounts, yes, although it is true that the gun was unloaded, it was still an insane act.

“With the recent accidental shooting on a movie set in New Mexico still fresh on our minds, Binger sweeps the courtroom spectator section with the weapon and incredulously breaks firearms handling safety rule number one—never place your finger on the trigger unless and until you have acquired a target you may have to neutralize,” wrote the New York Post‘s James A. Gagliano. “Yet again, gun crime prosecutions are being carried out by people who have little knowledge of firearms.”

Joy Reid, MSNBC’s Joy Reid completely missed the point. tweetingAccording to Right Wing Twitter it is OUTRAGEOUS that a prosecutor points an unloaded AR-15 at the jury in order to show how dangerous and scary it is. However, it would be totally acceptable for a teenager or teen to fire a loaded gun at someone to shoot them. It is unprofessional to aim a gun at someone else and press the trigger without intending to. Binger clearly didn’t mean to fire upon the courtroom. This is what made his behavior so outrageous. This doesn’t apply to Rittenhouse—he intended to shoot, and did.

Not to be confused, this prosecutor was also attacked by Judge Bruce Schroeder last week when Binger suggested Rittenhouse’s refusal to speak up after his arrest was an indication of guilt. Contrary what Binger incorrectly claimed, refusing answer to police questions and being able to make a decision is a necessary component of due process. It’s also the best choice for nearly everyone who find themselves in this position. (Inadvertently, even innocent people may be indicted.

Schroeder dismissed Rittenhouse’s weapons charges against him on Monday. Because the Wisconsin law prohibiting teens from possessing firearms is unclearly written, Rittenhouse’s weapon wasn’t covered under the law. However, the judge’s decision shocked Rittenhouse. Volokh ConspiracyEugene Volokh of’s Eugene Volokh claims that this was most likely true.

Volokh writes that he based his decision on only the news report and the statutes. He also mentions the “rule of Lenity”: “When there’s doubt about the meaning of a statute criminal, a court should use the rule of law and interpret it in favor of the defendant. Read Volokh’s whole article here.

Politifact had rejected the Facebook viral claim that Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, could legally possess a rifle with no parental supervision. Poynter Institute’s fact-checking project updated the explanation more than one year ago, but did not change its ruling. While this may be a minor issue, Facebook might not allow official fact checking powers to an organisation that is lazy and constantly makes mistakes.

With the gun charge tossed, the question for the jury really will come down to Rittenhouse’s self-defense claim: Whether the three men he shot—Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber, and Gaige Grosskreutz—posed a risk to his life, and whether his decision. They were justified in firing on them. Binger countered that Rittenhouse had fired several shots at Rosenbaum, rendering the self defense claim invalid. Maybe the first shot was self-defense. But the subsequent three were not. All four shots were shot in self-defense. One secondIt’s unclear that the distinction is important to the jury. Rosenbaum tried to steal Rittenhouses gun, but Rittenhouse believes that Rosenbaum would use it to kill Rittenhouse, as defense has claimed. The prosecution chose not to refer to Rosenbaum’s bizarre behavior which involved setting fires. during closing arguments.)

Prosecution arguedAlthough a sense of lawlessness and chaos had settled on Kenosha, Rittenhouse’s decision to join the fray using an AR-15 to fight was an act of provocation. But one of their own witnesses—Grosskreutz, who was shot by Rittenhouse but survived—previously testified that he also had a gun, And he pointed it towards Rittenhouse just as Rittenhouse was about to open fire.

While it is impossible to predict how the jury will rule on this case, liberal cable news commentators seem ready for an indictment.

Yale Law School students sued administrators after being accused of inflicting retaliation against them for declining to support Amy Chua’s strange and fraught campaign. Amy Chua is a Yale law professor, who was accused by Yale of hosting student social events while violating Yale’s COVID-19 rules. This charge has been denied by Chua.

“Two Yale Law School deans, along with Yale Law School’s Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, worked together in an attempt to blackball two students of color from job opportunities as retaliation for refusing to lie to support the University’s investigation into a professor of color,” according to the complaint.

The Yale Daily News reports:

The Law School’s investigation into Chua’s behavior was first made public in April 2021, after the News reported that she was hosting private gatherings in her New Haven home — which she shares with her husband, currently-suspended law professor Jed Rubenfeld — despite having agreed in 2019 to cease all out-of-class interactions with students due to allegations of her misconduct. The Law School was informed about these gatherings by law students who had personal knowledge. Chua was then unable to direct a small first-year group.

The ensuing controversy between Chua and Law School administrators gained national attention and was covered by the New York Times, the New Yorker, The Atlantic and New York Magazine.

Monday’s complaint states that Jane Doe was the subject of a 20-page file of text and email messages. This dossier became central in the Chua investigation.

The complaint claims that when the Law School Administration became aware of the dossier Cosgrove, Eldik made pressure on the students to support the claims by filing a formal complaint against Chua. The lawsuit claims the complaint and its extension, the dossier would have included “knowingly, materially false statements”. According to the suit, Cosgrove and Eldik also called students daily during April 2021 after they denied reading the dossier.

Yale alumni say that Yale’s diversity, equity, inclusion bureaucracy is acting badly.

In January 2022, student loan payments will resume as normal. Student loans were temporarily suspended in the COVID0-19 epidemic. The Department of Education has announced that the Department of Education is requiring borrowers to make payments once again. Progressives are dismayed by this news, and would prefer the Biden administration not to. Permanent In effect, cancel student loan payments and cancel all outstanding debt. The White House considered whether the White House had the power to do this without the approval of Congress.

All student loan debt should be cancelled. This would represent a huge bailout for people who went to college, and in some cases received a degree. While student debt can be a heavy burden, people with degrees tend to have better employment prospects—and thus access to potential wealth—than people without degrees. Thus, the government could grant a huge boon to an extremely privileged population without addressing the structural issues (e.g., sub-subsidized student loans) which contributed to this mess.

However, over 100 advocacy groups are asking the government not to cancel student debt. The American Civil Liberties Union is the only name that seems to be missing from this list.

It is not a matter of race whether student debt is considered racial. It is a? civil liberties issue? Is the ACLU becoming a progressive advocacy organization that supports all left-wing causes regardless of their alignment with its stated mission? David Boaz, Cato Institute’s David Boaz wondered“I am here for the civil liberty meeting.” Do you have it in the other room?

  • President Joe Biden signed the bill.
  • Following a CNN report, which cited anonymous sources that said almost everyone inside was deeply disappointed with Kamala Harris’ performance as Vice President Kamala Harris, the White House wants to present it like Kamala Harris is valued and loved.
  • After initially refusing to comply with a subpoena from Congress regarding his possible role in January 6, mayhem, Steve Bannon surrendered himself to the authorities Monday.
  • Connecticut’s judge has ruled against Alex Jones, conspiracy theorist and author of defamatory statements about Sandy Hook shooting victims.
  • The Wyoming GOP no longer considers Rep. Liz Cheney (R–Wy.) to be a Republican.