Far-Left Squad Member Cori Bush Claims She Was ‘Shot At’ By ‘White Supremacists’ During Ferguson Protests

Representative Cori Bush made the wild claim that ‘white supremacists’ opened fire and ‘shot at’ her during the protests in Ferguson, Missouri over the death of Michael Brown in 2014, but the Ferguson police chief says he’s unaware of any such incident.

Bush tweeted Monday about the case of Kyle Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse is a teenager that shot three people in self defense during last year’s riots in Kenosha.

Missouri Democrat, who was trying to get his gun back from Brown when he tried to grab it, linked the scenes to Ferguson riots years before.

The justified police shooting of Brown sparked a ‘Hands up, don’t shoot‘ narrative still used by the left to this day, despite it being proven a genuinely fake news story by the Obama Justice Department.

Bush may have embellished the Ferguson lies with her own twist.

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The Evidence is incontestable

Representative Cori Bush said that white supremacists opened fire on her and her fellow agitators during the Michael Brown protests, adding that a ‘not guilty’ verdict in the Rittenhouse trial would allow more of the same.

“When we marched in Ferguson, white supremacists would hide behind a hill near where Michael Brown Jr. was murdered and shoot at us,” she tweeted. “They never faced consequences.”

Adds Bush, “If Kyle Rittenhouse gets acquitted, it tells them that even 7 years later they still can get away with it.”

Needless to say, numerous followers were skeptical of Bush’s claims, especially considering a story of white supremacists opening fire on black protesters would have been a 24/7 news cycle at the time, but nobody had ever heard the story before Monday.

Also skeptical of the story – Ferguson Police Chief Frank McCall Jr.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that McCall “didn’t know that there was any record of such an incident” and “wasn’t aware of any incidents that the tweet might be referencing.”

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True Story

Cori Bush didI was able to locate one Twitter user who believed my story about how she escaped gunfire in Ferguson during the Michael Brown protests.

Ohun Ashe, described by the Dispatch as “active in local protests,” said Congresswoman Bush’s story was true and described a scene where protesters had to hide under porches and use cars as shields in between shots from ‘white supremacists.’

“I vividly remember hiding under porches in Canfield as shots were fired at us,” she said. “No one came to help us. Ferguson police officers would be there. We would come from under porches using cars as shields in between gunshots to make it out.”

If this had happened, surely the media firefighters would have rushed to their aid.

Ashe, as proof that Bush isn’t lying about the incident, shared a story about a man driving through a crowd of protesters and firing his gun. 

Problem is, the incident occurred in 2020, six-years after Michael Brown’s shooting. It took place in Brentwood Missouri, which is approximately 12 miles from Ferguson.

Although nobody can seem to remember what Cori Bush was talking about, WasFerguson shooting that involved protests

“In March 2015, two police officers who were part of a security line outside the Ferguson police headquarters were shot, causing some protesters to flee and others to drop to the ground,” the Dispatch writes.

Bush recently announced that she’ll be running for re-election in 2022.


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