Libertarian Lessons From the Rittenhouse Trial

Matt Welch (left), Katherine Manguward (right), and Peter Suderman (right) discuss Monday’s Kyle Rittenhouse trial. Today’s show has all this and much more Roundtable Reason.

The following topics were discussed during the event:

1:52: What can we learn from the Rittenhouse trial’s conclusion?

21:33: What are the implications of the labor crisis?

32:55: Weekly listener question: I am becoming more convinced that bitcoin is a significant increase in freedom and accessibility to money. This begs the question, “Why don’t we talk more about it?” More often than not, when anyone on the podcast refers to a “libertarian moment,” it sounds like it’s with a “this ain’t never gonna happen” eye roll—but what if bitcoin is the libertarian moment? Is it possible to be skeptical about helping the hype? Are there any cryptocurrencies that are similar to Bitcoin? Which cryptocurrencies do you have?

48:41 Media suggestions for the week.

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