Nicholas Christakis: How To End the Covid Pandemic

All pandemics of respiratory diseases follow a protocol. This script is as socially and politically charged as it can be medically or epidemiological. Nicholas Christakis (a Yale sociologist and medical doctor) has released a paperback version of his authoritative book. Apollo’s Arrow: How Coronavirus has a profound and lasting impact on our lives

Christakis, in his interview with Nick Gillespie is not afraid to criticize the failure of politicians and public officials to respond quickly and be open about the COVID-19 epidemic that has claimed 750,000 lives. 

As a newly minted member of the advisory council for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) and a high-profile target of ultra-woke campus activists, Christakis talks about how COVID misinformation has also been spread by pundits and politicians who seem more interested in pushing ideology than science and why the best way forward—really, the only way forward—is through robust debate in the public square. He also argues that recent events on campuses—such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology canceling a talk by a scientist due to his critical views on affirmative action—underscore the need for a radical shift in favor of free speech at our colleges and universities.

Christakis appeared previously on It Reason interviewTo discuss his book, he will be available April 2019 Blueprint: The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society And his hilarious battle with students to find the best Halloween costumes Listen to it or watch it here.