Texas Building Makeshift Border Wall With Some Unusual Materials

Texas Governor. Greg Abbott has decided to do what the federal government has failed to do and is now “installing makeshift border walls created from repurposed shipping containers” in spots known for illegal immigrant crossings.

Fox News first reported the story in November.

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Rep. Nehls: ‘It’s a tool that the governor is using to try to help slow down, curb this invasion’

Rep. Nehls, a former Fort Bend County Sheriff who is now U.S. Republican congressman Troy Nehls called the new border structures “a great idea” during a recent interview on “Fox & Friends.”

Nehls said, “It’s a tool that the governor is using to try to help slow down, curb this invasion, this invasion that we’re seeing at our southern border.”

“We have 1,250 miles of border in Texas,” Nehls added. “That’s a lot of area to cover and we’re doing the federal government’s job for them because they refuse to do it on their own.”

Nehls claimed that lack of action from the Biden Administration is forcing leaders in state and local government to get involved.

“Nehls said the current circumstances at the border are costing Texans billions of dollars,” Fox News reported.

Governor Abbott appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program in late October to discuss the border problem in his state and their container idea.

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Gov. Abbott sent 6,500 National Guard and DPS Troopers to the Border

“We begin dropping these large containers that you see on 18 wheelers, you also see on these ships that are going across the ocean,” Abbott said.

The governor added, “We’re dropping them down on locations that could be crossings that would be used by these caravans to serve as a blockade to prevent them from coming across the border.”

Abbott told Carlson, according to Fox News “that he has also dispatched 6,500 National Guard and DPS troopers to the border to contain the surge in migrant caravans crossing into the U.S.”


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