The Infrastructure Bill Makes Building Back More Expensive

The following week’s Reason RoundtableMatt Welch and Katherine Manguward join Nick Gillespie to discuss the costliest legislative package in American history, as well as some important lessons learned from Tuesday’s election.

The following topics were discussed during the event:

1:52: Just passed the $2.1 trillion, yes trillion, infrastructure bill.

20:35: The lessons from the election last week.

29:05: Weekly listener question: I am an attorney. My colleagues and me are all fully vaccinated. However, we still wear masks at work. Everyone is required to get vaccinated. I hate it. The answer would be to look for another job. Peter had the misfortune to say that changing employers was like going to another restaurant to order spaghetti from the Olive Garden. Libertarianism for me is not just a model of government. Libertarianism is a way of life. The idea that anyone can do anything, no matter how bad it is, insinuates me. This email is being sent under a ridiculous pseudonym, as I wouldn’t like my employer knowing that I read and hear. ReasonI agree. You could be fired if I was associated with any un-woken things. Yes, my job could be ended. Every job has the exact same requirements. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can choose. In the real world you don’t have that option. Professional libertarians are not an option for me. Therefore, I use a mask to make sure I have enough income to support my family, regardless of what my beliefs or how I want to spend my body. Is this OK?

41:53: Details of OSHA/vaccine mandate unveiled

51:58: Weekly media recommendations

Here are this week’s top links

  • Matt Viser, “Biden earns his infrastructure week,” adding another item to Trump’s bucket list.
  • Nick Gillespie: “Self Cancellation, Deplatforming and Censorship.”
  • “These six House Democrats voted against infrastructure legislation. This infrastructure bill was supported by 13 Republicans. by Annie Grayer
  • Katie Lobosco, Tami Luhby and Tami Luchby: “Here’s the bipartisan infrastructure bill.”
  • Eric Boehm, “Congress finally passes Biden’s inefficient and deficit-hiking Infrastructure Bill.”
  • Jacob Sullum: “The Details Of OSHA’s Vaccination Rules for Private Employees Suggest Several Possible Legal Challenges.”
  • Matt Welch: “They Just Keep Closing Schools, Mandating Masques,”

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