What Happened to the Former Soviet Republics?

ReasonThe following is a list of suggested resources. December Special IssueThe 30th anniversary marks the end of the Soviet Union. In this issue: ReasonWriters examined the different fates of post-Soviet states. These reports are not intended to be comprehensive, but serve to illustrate the consequences of an evil empire in all its forms. They also remind of the dangers that economic central planning and authoritarianism pose.

Ronald Bailey exploresHow authoritarianism is combined with abundant natural resources in Kazakhstan can be a dangerous combination.

Billy Binion Take a look atTurkmenistan’s bizarre cult personality is the story of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Eric Boehm Deals withThe implications of NATO’s expansion for Georgia

Christian Britschgi lamentsThe Uzbekistan exit visa process and difficulties faced by citizens when traveling abroad.

Elizabeth Nolan Brown examinesBelarus’ strongman still rules, offering both violence and predictability.

Brian Doherty Take a look atThe treatment of ethnic minorities in Kyrgyzstan and Soviet policies which fueled the lingering conflict between these groups.

Fiona Harrigan pondersEstonian, Latvian, and Lithuania’s relative post-Soviet successes.

Mike Riggs InterrogatesThe reason Tajikistan’s natural resources are so abundant, yet it is still very poor.

Peter Suderman RememberHolodomor: The Soviet regime’s program to force Ukrainians into mass starvation.

Jacob Sullum Take a look atAzerbaijan has a history of corruption, unjust elections and weak institutions.

Matt Welch wondersMoldova’s next leader could lead Europe’s second-poorest state to greater prosperity.

Liz Wolfe Have a good lookSee how Armenian remittances both helped and hurt its economic prospects.