Congress Spends More on Defense Than the Next 10 Countries Combined

We are out of Afghanistan. It’s good. Good.

There was America’s longest war. It lasted longer than World War I and World War II. CombinationIt was a great day. There was little to no good, and there were many bad things. Tens to thousands of people were murdered. An estimated trillion dollars in expenditures

The Taliban now wear American uniforms, and they fly American aircrafts.

Hawks say, “If we just stayed a little longer…”

But it’s false.

There had been an increase in violence in Afghanistan. We were not winning, however. They were waiting for the announcement by former President Donald Trump that we would be leaving.

What now?

We will continue trying to control the world.


The Cato Institute says Washington is the definition of U.S. national interest so broadly. JohnGlaser says “that practically no region in the world is under my control.” [is]”Considered non-vital.”

This grandeur began after WWII.

Glaser writes, “No longer will we canonize George Washington’s warning against entangling alliances,” Or extolled the advice of John Quincy Adams that America ‘goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy.'”

Now, we continue to search for monsters abroad.

Many Americans think the US military, and the use of force it uses after World War II and the collapse of the Soviet Union has diminished. This is also not true.

Glaser points out that the United States engaged in more military intervention in the last 30 years than in any of the previous 190 years.

All over the world, we post soldiers: 35,000 in Germany, 50,000 in Japan and 26,000 each in South Korea. What is the reason? Does America have the responsibility to defend South Korea from North Korea. Taiwan from China Iran from Israel?

The United States spends more defense dollars than any of the other 10 nations. Combinierte

It’s impossible to continue doing this.

It is impossible to continue funding the cost-overruns of defense contractors.

Eric Gomez, Cato’s defense analyst, explains in my video why Congress has never done anything.

He says that “a lot of Congress members don’t want to see it fixed.”

The defense contractors are able to produce weapons in different countries. Lockheed Martin You can boastF-35 Parts are available in 48 States.

“If you’re a member of Congress,” says Gomez, “they’re spending that money in your district….You don’t want that taken away from you.”

An earlier draft of President Dwight Eisenhower’s “military-industrial complex” speech called it the “military-industrial-congressionalComplex

America spent $43 million in Afghanistan to build a station for gas. Normal ones would cost $500,000 What’s the reason? This is why?

Our government tried to reduce American involvement in Afghanistan. Instead of having U.S. soldiers fight…forever, America would train and equip Afghans so they could defend themselves.

This didn’t happen.

U.S. spend $200 million to help Afghan soldiers learn to read. Half of the Afghan soldiers still cannot read five years later.

Gomez says that the problem is American officials “don’t have any clear idea of where they are heading or what their objective is.”

“We Have an objective,” I push back. Make the world safer for democracy.

Gomez states that “in Afghanistan we had the objectives to make it safe and democratic.” We had the objective of making Iraq free from Saddam Hussein and transforming it into a democracy and prosperous society. It hasn’t been a very successful record.”


The military budget now exceeds $700Billion, but the Defense Department claims it will be spending more to combat climate change as the “existential” threat.

Please give me some space.

Inertia is the driving force behind spending patterns. They continue to give roughly the same percentage of their money each year to the Army and Navy, even though the threats from China today mean that the Navy is more valuable than the Air Force.

The Pentagon and Politicians need to work together. Choices. Is the military really a force for good?

America must focus its military on protecting America if it wants to be secure and successful.