Marjorie Taylor Greene Nears $50,000 In Fines For Violating House Mask Mandate

Marjorie Taylor Greene is fast becoming a symbol of resistance over the Democrat House of Representative’s mask mandate, amassing nearly $50,000 in fines for refusing to comply.

According to The Hill, Greene had been reported to have been told by the House sergeant at-arms that he refused to wear a mask inside the chamber.

Those reprimands have led to “at least” $48,000 in fines.

The latest infraction was September. She was also fined 7 times.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Condemned for Breaking the Mandatory of the Mask

A letter from House Sergeant-at-Arms William Walker from last week reveals that Greene, according to The Hill report, “has been documented not wearing a mask in the House chamber at least 20 times since May.”

They add she “was fined $500 in May for her first offense, with $2,500 penalties imposed for subsequent offenses.”

Despite the fines, Greene doesn’t appear interested in bowing down to the pressure.

“I will continue my stand on the House floor against authoritarian Democrat mandates because I don’t want the American people to stand alone,” she said in a statement.

On social media, she argued against the House mask mandate’s enforcement.

“Democrat members don’t wear masks in the members’ gym when they work out. None of us do and no one should,” Greene tweeted.

“Why do I get fined for not wearing a mask when I’m sitting in a chair on the House floor the same as people eating unmasked at a restaurant?”

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The Mask Controversy

Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, reintroduced the mask mandate in July despite having the COVID-19 vaccination available to lawmakers.

Numerous Republicans opposed the mandate.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy blasted Pelosi, saying that forcing members who are predominantly fully vaccinated to wear masks is not ‘following the science.’

Pelosi responded by calling him a “moron.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a conservative icon who has been controversial in the past over mask mandates.

A congressional aide got in an argument last spring with Eric Swalwell, D-Arabian White, over the fact that Swalwell was wearing a mask.

Swalwell says he was made to strip off his mask by an assistant.

A reporter who witnessed the altercation described Swalwell as the aggressor after the aide allegedly quipped, “Biden says you can take off your mask.”

Greene got into serious trouble after she made an unwise comparison between the Holocaust and mask rules.


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