Conservatives Wrongly Portrayed the Loudoun County Sexual Assault as a Transgender Bathroom Issue

According to reports, in Loudoun County in Virginia, a male student dressed in a skirt attacked a classmate. It was a story that appeared to confirm the conservative media’s worst fears about how predatory men could theoretically take advantage of accommodations for transgender people in order to harm young girls, and it touched off a wave of protests—with the victim’s father, Scott Smith, at the center of them.

It was however, largely misrepresented in order to conform to a conservative social agenda. Anyone on the right who makes a habit of complaining—often justifiably—about the mainstream media gullibly succumbing to viral stories that fit their priors ought to denounce this as well.

Smith, the father was taken into custody for protesting loudly at a June 22 school board meeting. He was handcuffed and placed in handcuffs by police. It was later revealed that Smith was upset with the district officials for not taking action on his daughter’s rape. Smith became a conservative folk hero and was frequently interviewed by right-leaning media. The Daily Wire He led the charge and used the opportunity to humiliate both the federal government as well the mainstream media by portraying hostile parents to be akin “domestic terrorists”.

The Daily WireSmith interviewed a reporter about the notion that Smith was the “gender fluid” attacker. It is implied that the perpetrator was wearing a skirt to access Stone Bridge High School’s women’s toilet and then carried out the attack. Loudoun County adopted a policy that made it more convenient for transgender people to access the bathrooms of their choice. This policy was linked to Smith’s story.

It turns out that this policy was not actually put into effect until August. However, even though the school was already enforcing the policy before August, it’s hard to believe that the assailant had any connection to accommodation for trans people.

This is because the victim and the attacker had been in a relationship and met up for sexual activities previously. According to The Washington PostYou can find this link:

The Stone Bridge teenager victim testified Monday that she had met her attacker in school’s bathroom at 12:15 on the day of the attack. They had never discussed having sex before, she testified.

According to the teen, she was the first one there and decided to use the girls’ toilet because they had met before in girls’ bathrooms. According to testimony, the boy entered the handicapped stall that she was using and closed the door.

They spoke, and the girl later testified that the boy started to grab her neck as well as other areas of her body sexually. It was at this point that the girl stated she did not want to be sexy, and he forced her into it.

The girl said that he flipped her over. He sexually assaulted and put me on the floor.