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Shlomo Rechnitz: A Visionary Philanthropist

Shlomo Rechnitz is a Los Angeles based entrepreneur who has made his mark on the West Coast through his various business endeavors – both in the worlds of real estate and healthcare. But what he’s best known for, is not only his golden heart, but the way in which he chooses to perform his philanthropy. There are many traditional philanthropists on the philanthropic circuit who indeed do remarkable work that makes a meaningful difference in their respective communities and in society writ large. However in Rechnitz’s case, it’s fair to say he has set the bar higher than any modern day giver.

While some of his giving has received media attention organically and against his fervent wishes, 99% of it remains totally underneath the radar. The sheer scope and magnitude of his annual giving rivals nearly anyone else operating in the healthcare industry. But it’s also the diverse pool of beneficiaries that are on the receiving end of his giving, that make his giving unique. Through his family foundation, Rechnitz consistently provides for a myriad of different causes – ranging from education, healthcare, cancer research and helping those who have fallen on hard times.

But Rechnitz also has a way of involving himself in his philanthropy beyond simply writing a check. He gives his time to mentees; providing them with career guidance and helping them develop a professional path that’s suitable for their interests and skillsets. He opens up his home on Saturday nights to any member of the community – no matter their race, color or creed, hearing of the issues they might be plagued with – and doing all he can to help, whether financially or otherwise.

Shlomo is also an amazing champion of the United States military force; and supports our men in blue in incredible ways. In fact, Rechnitz launched the Fallen Officer Initiative, a program that provides $10,000 to the families of police officers who have been shot while in the line of duty in Southern California. This helps ensure the officers’ family members have their material needs taken care of.

When it comes to his support for the military, Rechnitz famously bought 400 American servicemen dinner during an airport layover he and his family had in Shannon, Ireland. After video footage shot by a spectator hit the internet, the media coverage was overwhelming – with People magazine and so many others documenting this incredible act of natural generosity.

As the world recovers from the Coronavirus, we all ought to take a moment to step back and recognize those that have consistently been there for those members of society who have needed a helping hand. Life is indeed filled with challenges and hurdles. Many of those obstacles are unavoidable. But we are blessed to have people in society as generous as Shlomo Rechnitz, helping make the world a better place.