NYC Braces For Mass Exodus If Cops And Firefighters Say No To Vax Mandate

Monday could go down in history as one of the more shameful days in New York City history if warnings about a huge departure of New York City police officers due to Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s vaccine mandate come to fruition.

Members of New York’s Finest have until Monday to be vaccinated or be put on unpaid leave. 

According to The New York Post officers are already being given guidance by the department if they prefer to abandon duty than to obey it.

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NYPD Files and Rank Not Happy

Half of NYPD are currently unvaccinated. Others have applied for exemptions. They would still be allowed to work and receive their wages while they are being processed. These officers will be subject to weekly testing and must adhere to more stringent mask policies.

It’s not known yet how many officers are willing to hang it up.

President of the Detective Endowment’s Association, Paul DiGiacomo, estimates that upwards of 9,000 to 10,000 detectives and officers are eligible for some form of retirement.

DiGiacomo also hinted at another reason for what he described as a “rush” to vaccinate. “The only reason the mayor is rushing this is for his own political gain. He’s got intentions of running for governor and he has nothing to hang his hat on right now other than to say he has the most vaccinations in the country by forcing people to do it.”

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FDNY is now in

It’s not just cops, either. This mandate also applies firefighters.

NYPD members joined members from the FDNY to protest in front the Gracie Mansion which is home of Mayor de Blasio.

Andrew Ansbro is the president of Uniformed Firefighters Association and he says that the union will file a lawsuit against its vaccine mandate.

Ansbro added that, “This is a personal choice everyone wants to make for themselves.” He projects up to 45% of New York City firefighters could be terminated due to the mandate.

This would make it impossible to comprehend such an enormous number.

Ansbro blames DeBlasio for the critical shortage in first responders. “We’ve been here every day of the pandemic and we will still be here on Nov. 1. It’ll be the mayor that separates you from New York City residents and what happens to them will be on him, and not on us.”

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The Nation’s First Responders Face The Vax Axe

The NYPD’s men and women are not the only ones suffering. All across the country, vaccine mandates are popping up in cities. Unsurprisingly, many of these cities have been managed for decades by Democrats.

Spokane (Washington), Chicago and Los Angeles force police officers to decide between their jobs and following the lawful vaccine mandates.

Over 300 Seattle officers were fired in the last 10 months. The state police union in Massachusetts estimates that they will lose 150 officers.

Thursday’s Judge Denies a Restraining Order to Stop the Mandate from Going into Effect. This was requested by the largest union of New York City Police Officers.


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