Popular Progressive Policies Helped Ruin Venezuela. They Won’t Work Here Either.

Democrats say President Joe Biden won “a strong mandate.” He can accomplish all kinds of positive things with his government!

While I do not believe that he has a mandate for office, the selfishness of Donald Trump is what allowed Democrats to control Congress and give them the power to force their worst ideas on us. These include:

Nr. 1: Hate speech laws.

No. No. 2: Expansion of the Supreme Court

3. Gun control 3: Gun control.

No. #4: You spend more.

These “reforms”, unfortunately, are not being noticed in the United States. I have a new video that demonstrates how it all worked (spoiler alert, they failed).

Hugo Chavez was elected president of Venezuela and Venezuela was “it” country for the progressives.

Celebs like Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover and Michael Moore lavished praise on him. Sean Penn called him “one the most important forces that we have had on this planet.”

Andres Guilarte, of The Fund for American Studies responds “You must be blind to believe this.”

Guilarte is just one of many Venezuelans to have risked everything in order to challenge socialist government. Guilarte fled Venezuela after the protests collapsed and sought refuge in the United States.

Venezuela’s progressive reform No. 1 makes protest even more risky. 1: The “Law Against Hatred.”

A YouGov poll found that half of American Democrats agree with this.

They should rethink what they want, says Guilarte, because “the ruling party…[gets to decide]What is hate speech?

Venezuelan government critics now face imprisonment

No. 2. Some Democrats would like to have four additional justices on the Supreme Court. Sen. Ed Markey (D–Mass.) Senator Ed Markey, D-Mass., believes that the new justices “restore balance” following years of Republican rule.

Chavez added justices to Venezuela’s Supreme Court.

Guilarte claims that Guilarte “changed the law from 20 to 32 persons”. He said that the court didn’t rule against him after this. The court allowed him to close down all opposition media outlets and seize 1,000 private businesses.

No. No.

Venezuela’s only law enforcement agencies, the military, and certain preferred groups have weapons. It was made even simpler for government officials to visit people’s homes to take their property.

Guilarte says, “You’re only in your store selling shoes.” “Someone comes in and tells you, ‘We are going to close down your business.’ It would be totally different if this business owner was armed.

But the government will just bring in bigger guns,” I propose.

Guilarte says, “If there was a culture as American,” and that it would be extremely hard.

Venezuela’s gun control didn’t even reduce crime. In fact, Venezuela’s murder rate rose. Venezuela is now home to the third-highest level of murder in the world.

Guilarte says that these laws don’t work. “Citizens have no guns.” However, criminals are armed with bigger guns.

No. No.

Stephanie Kelton, Modern Monetary Theory economist says that “the federal government cannot run out of money.” They are convinced that politicians can spend more money without worrying about inflation.

Guilarte replies sarcastically, “Well, John.” This is how the economy functions. Because money grows from trees, you can just print it.

Venezuela created money, and progressives praised it by spending some of their funds on programs that would benefit the poor. But the poor and the middle class were crushed by the inflation that followed: 20 percent…then 100 percent…3,000 percent…40,000 percent! Venezuela was devastated.

America’s inflation rate has increased to 5.4 per cent. This is terrible but not as bad as what took place in Venezuela.

But that doesn’t make it impossible! warns Guilarte.

This is unfortunately true.

He says that Venezuela was the most prosperous country in Latin America. Venezuela is home to many Americans who came here to establish businesses.

The country is now in chaos.

Guilarte states that “everything can quickly fall to pieces.” Inflation can be like cancer. It’s unpredictable when it will strike you.

Let us learn from the mistakes of socialism.

A dangerous myth is the idea that America can be saved by massive government spending and progressive, feel-good policies. This belief has failed to materialize elsewhere.