Manchin on Biden’s Plan To Let IRS Snoop on Bank Transactions: ‘It’s Screwed Up’

The plan of President Joe Biden to spy on American bank transactions is The final version of this massive bill is “likely to disappear” says Sen. Joe Manchin (D–W.Va.

While speaking at an event on Tuesday, Manchin criticized the proposal to mandate that banks report all transactions of at least $600 to the IRS. Biden suggests the idea in an attempt to increase tax compliance for wealthy Americans. However, the ultimate goal of the proposal seems to be to create a financial surveillance network that could determine whether Venmo transaction payments have resulted in you paying taxes.

“Do you realize how ridiculously messed-up that is?” According to Manchin, he said that he had told Biden. PoliticoThis is not possible. It cannot happen. This is a bad idea.

Democrats have been discussing raising the threshold to $600 from $10,000 to try to bring the camel under the tent. You can read more about it here There are reasonsMatt Welch, a member of the strategy’ group pointed out that this is not comforting as $10,000 is how someone who earns minimum wage in New York City in four months.

Manchin is crucial for Democrats to get the Build Back Better plan passed through the 50-50 Senate. His vote means that the Democratic Party has to win his support.

Banks and businesses oppose the idea, fearful of being required to fill out more paperwork. Biden received a request from 98 trade associations, representing broad sections of America’s economy to abandon the bank-reporting program. This is an important expansion of IRS’s authority, which, once established is certain to expand rather that roll back,” they wrote.

Manchin, given the Senate’s current composition, is probably the most prominent Democrat to oppose the idea. It’s worth noting that Manchin isn’t the only one who opposes this idea. Rep. Charlie Crist (D–Fla.) opposes the IRS reporting plan, and Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D–Va.) It could jeopardize the privacy rights of my constituents without any tax law enforcement purpose. Sen. Jon Ossoff (D–Ga.) saysHe has also expressed concerns over the security and privacy of bank-reporting regulations.

What will be left in the bill? That’s up to you.

Democratic leaders are hopeful that Congress will hold a vote to approve Biden’s Build back Better package. This is before President Obama jets off to Rome on Monday.


Mort Sahl was a political humorist who helped make Bill Maher and Lenny Bruce laugh. He died in 1994.

Start at The New York TimesThe’Obituary

It was hard to find his own political views. Even though the left tried to take him in, particularly early on, it was not possible. He could also be crudely sexist. And, even though he believed in civil rights, his temper was sharp against the knee-jerk liberal doctrines on the topic. He was friends with many politicians, including Eugene McCarthy and Stevenson. Ross Perot was his favorite candidate; he supported Sarah Palin and gave praise to Ron Paul; Barack Obama’s presidency was something he doubted and he was just as critical of Hillary Clinton.

“Are you aware of any other groups that I don’t offend?” He would ask the question from the front row. He was, in other words, an absolute iconoclast.

“If you were alone on the planet, you would be the one to strike,” he said once. That’s what I do.

Twitter exploded with tributes for Sahl Tuesday night


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