Amazon Set To Release ‘Mayor Pete,’ A Documentary On How Pete And Chasten Buttigieg ‘Changed History’

Amazon Studios has announced the upcoming release of ‘Mayor Pete,’ a documentary on how Pete Buttigieg and his husband Chasten “changed history” during the 2020 presidential campaign.

Amazon shared a trailer of the movie last week, and Amazon also promoted it via social media.

The YouTube channel for Amazon Prime Video states the film will “take viewers inside Buttigieg’s headline-generating campaign to be the youngest U.S. President” while “providing an unprecedented intimacy with the candidate, his husband Chasten, and their team.”

“Win or lose,” the trailer states, “their story changed history.”

They lost. They won.

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How Mayor Pete ‘Changed History’

The trailer for ‘Mayor Pete’ seems to indicate that Buttigieg and his husband Chasten “changed history” by simply being openly gay.

An opening clip shows Buttigieg on the campaign trail saying, “This is the only chance you’ll ever get to vote for a Maltese American, left-handed, episcopalian, gay war veteran.”

“You’re going to tell every single gay kid in this country that it gets better,” Chasten says in another portion of the trailer.

Buttigieg won the Iowa Democratic caucuses result by being the openly gay presidential candidate. This isn’t a sign that he can lead the country.

Buttigieg pulled out of the race one month later after placing fourth in South Carolina, behind Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

His appointment as Transportation Secretary by President Biden was often referred to as being the first openly homosexual member of a presidential cabinet. This is something Richard Grenell (acting director of national Intelligence, DNI) has denied.

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The MIA Cabinet Member

It seems a little odd to tout Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a leader in transformation under current circumstances.

Supply chain issues, something under Buttigieg’s purview, have become so prevalent of late that White House officials admitted in regards to Christmas shopping this year, “There will be things that people can’t get.”

Nationally, businesses are experiencing staff shortages and food insecurity.

As the crisis was heating up and Americans have become more anxious about the supply chain issues, reports surfaced indicating the guy who “changed history” had been on paternity leave for roughly two months.

“You would think that at this moment – a moment where infrastructure and the future of infrastructure was issue number 1 – that the Secretary of Transportation would be everywhere,” writes Christopher Barron for the Political Insider.

Oh well, at least they can catch ‘Mayor Pete’ in action on Amazon Prime Video. Just don’t order a hard copy on DVD for friends and family at Christmas – it’s probably not going to be delivered on time.

Hopefully the documentary will fare better for Amazon than Disney’s latest effort involving Dr. Anthony Fauci, a veritable propganda film on the Biden administration’s top infectious disease specialist.

Top critics on Rotten Tomatoes have raved over the Fauci documentary, but audience reviews have come to a different conclusion, giving an ‘audience score’ of just 2%.



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