Fairness in Equal Pay for Women in Professional Sports

It’s time to step up and speak out when it comes to addressing the pay gap in the workplace. What you might not think about is that such a pay disparity doesn’t just happen when it comes to office environments – consider the field of professional sports. When it comes to the business of women’s sports, it might even be a more pronounced pay gap than what goes on in the more traditional office work.

Let’s break it down by the numbers:

  • Only 0.4% of sponsorship dollars goes towards women’s sports
  • While women made up 40% of professional sportspeople, they only received only 4% of sports media coverage
  • Typically, female athletes are earning 63% versus compared to their male counterparts
  • Only one professional female athlete – Naomi Osaka – was listed on the Forbes list of the top 50 professional athletes.

More can be done in the world to make it a more fair and balanced case in terms of equity when it comes to professional sports pay. Give yourself the knowledge to bridge the pay gap for all – take a look at the business of women’s sports and what can be done by the fans, media, and sponsors in the visual deep dive below:

The Business of Women