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What Integrations Should I Include in My Food Delivery App?

Customer outlooks are evolving fast, especially in the foodservice industry as mobile phone technology advances. A good example is the growing popularity of mobile food delivery applications.

While these services are certainly convenient for your customers, they can leave your restaurant staff in a pinch. Apart from charging your restaurant a healthy subscription for each order, third-party applications orders can be labor intensive and are prone to mistakes since they usually need to be re-entered into your restaurant’s POS system.

So to get rid of that problem, you have to have some integrations added to your food delivery app.

Online Payment and Seamless Checkout

With the introduction of online payment applications, it has become very easy to make online payments. In recent years, cash, debit card, and credit cards were the only means of payment. However, it is impossible to have cash whenever you place an order, and your bank will always charge you after a particular online transaction.

Having an online payment system integrated into your food ordering app means your customers will have a way to make instant payments while being charged nothing for the same. With a card reader system like Square, you get to accept all the means your customers want to pay you with right from your mobile device.

With just one touchpoint, all your online orders can be housed together.

Menu Management System

A menu management system is a software that significantly impacts the food industry across the country. The menu management system allows you to develop, reformat, and provide allergen and nutritional information that will help determine the menu pricing and address food labeling regulations.

With a menu management system like Omnivore, updating and upgrading the software for access to a new food database or new food guidelines is very easy. This menu management system can help you inject orders straight into your POS system and has the highest rates in the food industry.

Kitchen Display System

A kitchen display system like the Fresh KDS is a presentation system that can integrate with your online and POS systems. It is very easy to use, affordable and the best part is that it is wireless. A KDS system is assimilated with a cloud-based Point Of Sale technology because it works remotely and shows preparations to be made when entered into the Point Of Sale software.

Your Point Of Sale software can work miracles when fortified with a KDS system. Your staff can update the POS as soon as the orders are prepared, meaning the food will be served immediately.

In addition, this software allows the integration of online orders into your restaurant’s operations so that your staff won’t have to keep re-entering the orders into the POS.

Bottom Line

There are many other integrations that you can include in your food delivery app. It is also vital to note that third-party delivery systems are expected to account for most sales next year. So if you don’t want to be left out of the delivery and take-out trend, you should take steps to modernize your processes for managing third party orders.