What are the Benefits of Complying with NIST Cybersecurity Framework?

The risk associated with cybersecurity can be devastating to any business. Accordingly, setting up a robust cybersecurity program is often complex and challenging to conceptualize. That is why frameworks have become more attractive to security practitioners. 

Cybersecurity frameworks are not a new concept. Accordingly, their benefits are immense. In this article, we delve into the benefits of compliance with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

The Benefits of Complying with NIST Cybersecurity Framework

As many organizations adopt the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, here are the reasons you should also join in this trend

Advanced and Unbiased Cybersecurity

NIST Cybersecurity Framework represents the collective work and experience of many information security experts. This concept is, by far, the most comprehensive and in-depth control of any given framework. Compliance with NIST Cybersecurity Framework helps you fill the blind spots you didn’t know existed. 

Cybersecurity Risk Management

Compliance with NIST Cybersecurity Framework enables your business to adopt a more responsive mindset. This is a much more robust strategy in the long term. 

Improves Supply Chains and Sales

Many customers tend to inquire about the organization’s position on the framework. Therefore, compliance with NIST Cybersecurity Framework can be a significant selling point. Additionally, it improves trust and enhances business growth. 

A Bridge Between the Business and Technical Aspects

Most executives understand that compliance with NIST Cybersecurity Framework is a risk-based approach. This approach can be aligned with the business’s cybersecurity management strategies and goals for shared security. This aspect can improve communication within the organization.

Adaptability and Flexibility

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework comes with a risk-based, results-driven approach that makes it more adaptable and flexible. Additionally, the framework is highly customizable. 


Who Can Help Me?

Do you want NIST compliance support? Compliance with NIST Cybersecurity Framework can be challenging to inexperienced users, especially small businesses. That is why you need skilled personnel to get it right. Find an IT Consultant that offers a suite of cyber safety tools to help you mitigate cybersecurity risks and comply with NIST requirements. 

What is NIST Cybersecurity?

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework is a risk management framework. This framework is highly adopted by businesses to manage and reduce cybersecurity risks. 

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework does not recommend new technologies, standards, or concepts. However, it incorporates cybersecurity best practices from various standard bodies such as ISO and NIST. 

What Does it Mean to Comply?

NIST compliance means to comply with the requirements of NIST standards. These standards are based on cybersecurity best practices recommended for organizations. 

How Can I Align My Business with the Requirements?

NIST guidance outlines the sets of standards for security controls. These standards encompass security best practices adopted in a wide range of industries. These standards are also based on best practices from several security organizations, publications, and documents designed for federal agencies and programs that require robust security measures. 

In most cases, federal agencies recommend compliance guidelines. For instance, NIST guidelines are developed to help businesses and agencies meet compliance requirements. NIST outlines the following steps for compliance:

  • Group what you want to protect
  •  Develop the baseline for your minimum control requirement
  •  Refine your baseline through risk assessment
  • Document your baseline
  • Roll out your controls to the information system
  • Monitor and measure performance
  • Determine risk levels based on your security assessment 
  • Authorize the information system for processing 
  • Monitor security control regularly