President Biden Doesn’t Follow D.C.’s Absurd Mask Rules for Restaurants – Opinion

Video footage capturedThe couple leaves the property Without They wear masks.

It is against city ordinance that restaurants customers must use masks to walk between the restaurant’s door and the table. Only masks that are worn while eating or drinking can be taken off when the time comes to eat. Restaurants who fail to follow these guidelines can get a $1,000 penalty. Workers can become quite militant. I have been asked to put on a mask while walking to my table, or waiting in line for food, at a dozen different places—from fancy restaurants to grab-and-go sandwich shops.

Yet, Democratic political leaders whose mask mandates are still in force in large cities regularly fail to follow the rules. Muriel Bowser of D.C. has broken her mask rule at weddings and parties. London Breed of San Francisco clearly doesn’t think it reasonable to enforce masks as required by her mandate. Recently, Lori Lightfoot, Chicago mayor, was photographed wearing a mask at a Women’s National Basketball Association (WNA) game. A witness, who was there with Lightfoot, said that the mayor removed the mask only for the picture. While this is an acceptable thing to do it’s not a reasonable one.

This is what really upsets people, Biden’s inability to quickly leave while he masks up. He doesn’t seem to be concerned about his own health in those short seconds. In fact, he likely knows it is pointless for him to need masking when others are drinking, eating and conversing for hours. It is so absurd that the government has strict mask policies, which anyone who can ignore them will do so. Yet they are still in effect. It’s not because the science is safe, nor because the government has any other reason, but because the elected leaders are unable to change them.