Biden Administration Set To Reinstate ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy Next Month –

Biden’s administration AnnouncementToday, the Mexican government announced that they intend to restore a Trump-era policy on border security next month in order to comply with a judge’s orders. The policy, also known informally as “Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), and “Remain in Mexico,” required asylum seekers to remain at the Mexican border in dangerous conditions until they were allowed to appear before the U.S immigration court.

The policy was implemented with the help of 70,000 refugees RelegatedMexico: At least 16,000 Mexican children In border towns, tent camps were quickly set up. These turned out to be violent and placed migrants at grave risk. Human Rights First (an advocacy group) Reports that forced returns to Mexico resulted in “at least 1,544 publicly reported cases of murder, rape, torture, kidnapping & other violent assaults” as of February 19, 2021.

All immigrants who enter the United States on U.S. soil are subject to U.S. law and treaty. You are eligibleTo make an asylum claim. To be eligible for asylum, a person must prove that he was persecuted because of his race, religion, nationality or membership in a specific social group.

So, many migrants who cross the U.S. Mexico border flee danger. However, the Trump administration’s Remain In Mexico policy and the Trump presidency made it so that these migrants had to attend their immigration court hearings at a location in Mexico where the State Department was then. gaveSimilar dangers to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria.

President Joe Biden ran against Trump. criticizedOn the campaign trail Alejandro Mayorkas announced the end of the policy and said that it would be repealed upon his election. Alejandro Mayorkas Secretary of Homeland Security ended the policy in June. He cited its “mixed effectivenessIt is. Missouri and Texas, however. FiledThe repeal was challenged in a lawsuit. The federal judge in favor of the plaintiffs ruled against repeal and ordered that, despite an appeal by the Department of Homeland Security, the administration resume the good faith

Biden has not stated his opposition to the specific border policy. It’s important that you remember that he is a supporter of it. ApproachYou can find more information here ImmigrationIt hasn’t LivingKeep up with his campaign promises. Most notably, Biden has ReaffirmedTrump’s Title 42 policy. The measure gives Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the ability to expel migrants as a matter of public health. But, immigration advocates and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials have both supported this policy. questionedThe legality and efficacy of this approach. In July 2021 there were more than 1 million migrants. expelledBelow the order.

Title 42 and Remain in Mexico have a lot in common. Mexican government AcceptedRemaining in Mexico for migrants is possible only if they are scheduled to appear at future courts. However The San Diego Union-Tribune CBP agents had been found to be giving migrants fake court dates. Title 42 sounds more severe because it allows expulsion without any future asylum hearing. But, the phantom appointments made under Remain Mexico made many feel like they were being expelled.

While Title 42 is being continued by Biden, immigration advocates criticize the administration’s inability to issue a memo that rescinds Remain in Mexico. The Biden administration had almost two months to issue a memo that addressed the concerns of the district court and officially ended the MPP program. Jorge Loweree is the policy director of American Immigration Council.

Loweree said, “The fact it is not doing so but is moving ahead with plans to resume the program in November in a betrayal to the president’s campaign promises. It is also a clear indication that this administration fails to reenvision the border management and how we treat those who seek protection in the United States.”

Migrants will now be able to enter the country. FaceThe double-whammy Title 42 and Stay in Mexico. Remain Mexico is a Trump-style policy that will affect many nationalities. TargetedPeople from Spanish-speaking nations. Regardless of the details, reinstating this policy could put migrants at risk as well as corrupt U.S. asylum policies.