My goal is to be a good speaker on cyberpolicy, but not bore myself. While I understand the need for 20-page research papers, which I did once write, there are many footnotes. My goal with podcasting was to make cyberpolicy accessible.

Now I’m trying something that I hope will be even more fun – occasional cartoons. My childhood was filled with comic book fans. In college, I published several underground comix and drew a lot of them. It was obvious that this would be my way of talking about policy and law.  In college I could not draw and still cannot, however the Federalist Society’s Regulatory Transparency Project has graciously allowed me to experiment with turning my thoughts into comic form. This experiment is only as long as I am able to be patient with the Project and keep my excitement going. They are mine, and I hope that you will enjoy them.

This is the first: a comment on Europe’s Data Protection Policy and how closely the European penchants to discretionary punishments and China’s correspond.