We Have Vaccines. We Don’t Need Pandemic Restrictions. –

America is still subject to severe pandemic restrictions.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is best for people to stay at least 6 feet from other people. Every person in Oregon must use a mask outdoorsThis is a. Masks are required for 2-year-olds in some parts of the country.

These rules are necessary?

Denmark recently lifted AllLimitations on pandemics

“Go Denmark!” Don Boudreaux, George Mason University economist, cheers in my most recent video. The United States must do the same.

Boudreaux states that vaccination has reduced the severity of COVID to an intractable condition. You don’t need to be concerned about whether the bartender at your favourite bar has been vaccinated. It is possible toYou are protected from severe consequences Get vaccinated and live a normal life.

Portugal and Sweden have also removed all restrictions recently. The United Kingdom has abandoned plans for “vaccine passports.”

Boudreaux states, “We don’t have the right to destroy human life as we try to eliminate COVID. This is impossible anyway.”

“Why not?” “Why not?” I wonder. “We eliminated smallpox.”

Boudreaux says that “smallpox only exists in humans.” COVID-19 can live in animals—bats, deer, dogs, cats. “We haven’t eliminated any diseases that use both animals and humans as reservoirs.”

China still acted as though eliminating COVID-19 was possible.

You can see that they’ve managed to keep deaths lower than in other countries. They have used repressive methods like gunpoint quarantines and locking up people at their houses.

“It is just horrible. It is tyrannical. This is what one would expect from communist tyrannical governments,” Boudreaux said.

Australia has been nearly as tough. For not wearing masks, they have imposed curfews on people and even arrested them. In some places, police proudly announced they “smashed windows of people in cars and pull them out…because they weren’t telling us where they were going.”

Daniel Andrews Premier of Victoria says don’t fret about losing your freedom. “These are not rules. For you. They are rules forThey are rules.”

“So say all dictators and tyrants,” retorts Boudreaux.

These countries can’t lock down Forever. COVID-19 is set to return when the lockdowns cease.

Denmark has ended COVID-19 limitations.

Boudreaux says, “It’sn’t admitting defeat. It’s acknowledging reality.” “We learn to live with COVID in the same way that we learn to live with many other pathogens….The bacteria that caused the Black Death is still circulating in the human population. Only a handful of people die each year from it.

The Wall Street Journal“The Eradication of Covid” was his eloquent statement.

We live with many hazards that we cannot choose to eliminate. Outlawing motor vehicle could reduce the number of automobile-related deaths. Outlawing bathing and swimming could eliminate drowning. Outlawing electricity could eliminate electrocution. This is not because we are indifferent to the suffering of others, but because we know that it would cost too much to eliminate electrocution or drowning. Zero Covid is the same.

Because we now have effective vaccines, it’s important to get rid of pointless lockdowns. He recommends doing what Denmark does:

You can live your life again normally! Go to weddings and parties. Enjoy life, live it and have fun! “Hope humanity wakes up soon!”

He’s probably right.