Rationality Has Made Us Richer, Kinder, and More Free –

These are the controversial but best-selling books Our Nature’s Best AngelsAnd Enlightenment NowSteven Pinker, a Harvard linguist, argued that the human race has become more prosperous and less violent in the last two centuries.

The author’s new book “The New Book of” Rationality: Why it Seems So Scarce and Why It MattersHe argues that human beings must be able to think and reason critically in order to flourish. This is what underlies the Enlightenment’s phenomenal moral and material progress. Pinker exposes the cognitive biases which cloud our thinking, and lead to highly polarized worldviews and tribalistic views that can threaten future advances. Pinker explains. There are reasonsNick Gillespie explains how everyone can be sharper and more efficient thinkers in every aspect of their lives.

Photo: Andrew West CC BY SA 4.0