Former Mass. Mayor Extorted from Marijuana Businesses

By Adam Andrzejewski for RealClearPolicy

For more than twelve counts of wire fraud, theft, and conspiracy to extort while in office, the former mayor was sentenced to six-years in prison.

The Associated Press reports that Jasiel Correia, an ex-Mayor of Fall River, extorted thousands of dollars from pot businesses who wanted to do business there.

Correia was elected in 2016 at age 23 and was held up as a Democratic star but was convicted in May of funding a lavish lifestyle with money he stole from investors of his app “SnoOwl” designed to help businesses connect with consumers.

Correia is alleged to have spent nearly two-thirds the $400,000 that he received from investors on hotels and a Mercedes as well as student loans.

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prosecutors reported that Correia also took bribes of marijuana vendors to receive city approval for a license.

Voters kicked Correia out of office in November 2019, but not before he survived what AP called a “bizarre election in March 2019 during which he was recalled by voters and reelected the same night.”

The federal prosecutor who asked for an 11-year sentence for Correia noted that greed and hubris is the only way to explain the former mayor’s actions since he has a supportive family and was making a good salary as mayor.

He got rich while doing wire fraud and other extortions.’s forensic auditors present the #WasteOfTheDay.

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