Son of Afghanistan’s Former Defense Minister Purchases $20.9 Million Mansion in Beverly Hills

Yahoo News Photo Credit

Daoud Wardak, son of former Afghan Minister of Defense Abdul Rahim Wardak, recently purchased a 9,000-square-foot super luxury house in Beverly Hills’ prime Trousdale Estates.

The property was built all-new this year and designed by local architecture firm Woods + Dangaran. The house was described as a fusion of “modern meets midcentury” in an off-market listing.

In 2016, the Woodbridge Group bought the property for $9.5million. This Ponzi scheme is now over. According to a report from Dirt, “Woodbridge demolished the original house on the lot, and the new structure was sold to Wardak on behalf of Woodbridge’s bankruptcy proceedings by Viewpoint Collection, a premier developer of high-end Los Angeles homes.”

Daoudwardak had a condo worth $5.2million at St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort Miami.

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A tweet was sent by an investigative journalist at The Intercept about some shocking information regarding Wardak.

WION News reported:

Known for its ‘modern meets midcentury’ design, the house has been completely newly reconstructed this year and has been designed by the famous architecture firm Woods + Dangaran.

This house has now five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. It also boasts class-A-glassy walls, five-bedrooms, and an amazing view of Downtown LA. To match the neutral grey and cream colors throughout, the interior features of the whole house are unvarnished wooden floors and similar natural materials.

In the back of the house is an open rectangular pool a few feet away from the house which sends a sense of calmness in the areas — which is something the new owner’s fellow countrymen have been craving.

Labelled as the ‘ethnic Pashtun refugee’ who was born in Afghanistan in 1977, the man is believed to be the president of AD Capital Group, a Miami-based firm. Daoud Wardak is Abdul Rahim’s youngest son.

Abdul Rahim Wardak was the Defense Minister of Afghanistan between 2004-2012. The Afghan National Army (ANA) was established by Wardak. ANA cost the US nearly $85 billion over the last 20 years. However, some believe that leaders are falsifying numbers to retain large amounts of financial aid.

His older brother, Hamed Wardak, a Georgetown grad, is the owner of Virginia-based military transport company NCL Holdings. Los Angeles Magazine reports that the US government awarded NCL Holdings more than $360 million to cover supply line protection in Afghanistan. Sarah Goolden, who is a fashion model and alleged that Wardak had raped Sarah after she refused to go on a Miami trip with him.