Denver Police Officer Who Reluctantly Took the Jab Then Lost His Ability to Walk Is Now Hospitalized with Possible Stroke

Jose Manriquez (a Denver cop officer) was admitted to the hospital Friday with symptoms from a stroke. Jose Manriquez had lost his ability and walking after he reluctantly received COVID-19.  Jose Manriquez was unable to talk and lost mental clarity. He also experienced unsteadiness, numbness, and a loss in his speech.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported about Jose’s current situation. Jose Manriquez, who was required to have the vaccine given on August 22nd 2021, began experiencing severe allergic reactions. After receiving the mandatory vaccine, Jose Manriquez hasn’t been able return to work. His future looks uncertain. He experienced severe tremors after receiving the vaccine and was unable to sleep due to the pain in his legs.   He has fallen a number of times and basically can’t walk.

Denver Officer of Police and Father of Four Takes the Jab & Cannot Walk

Now, his condition is worse.

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Officer Manriquez suffered symptoms of stroke and was admitted to the hospital. Gateway Pundit was notified by Attorney Randy Corporon. Here’s an excerpt:

Jose was just on the phone with me and has granted permission for me to disclose this information.  He believes sharing his story is more important than his medical privacy.

Although I’m not sure of the exact dates, we will be able to get records and other documentation from our doctors as we go.

I believe it was Friday, while at a doctor’s appointment, that Jose experienced symptoms of a stroke, loss of speech, loss of mental clarity, numbness, unsteadiness, etc.  The patient was admitted to hospital, and he was kept there for the night.  Although testing did not confirm a stroke, they decided to schedule him for a visit with a neurologist tomorrow.  They will let us know when the call comes tomorrow.

As you feel it is appropriate, please update either your story or your records.

I am grateful that you are willing to reveal this side the obligatory vax story.

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