Brickbat: I Can't Hear You


Brady Mistic, allegedly driving past a Idaho Springs, Colorado stop sign. The incident ended when police tased Mistic, put him on the ground and handcuffed him. He spent four months in jail before the charges were dropped against him. Mistic (deaf) pulled into a parking lot for a laundromat and was followed by police who turned on the flashing lights. Mistic, who was blind, stepped out of his car and said that he had no idea what was happening. The police did not believe him when he tried to say that he was deaf. Since then, he has sued the city. According to the police, officers knew Mistic wasn’t deaf but they responded appropriately. Two officers that Tasered Mistic were named by the 75-year old man in another lawsuit against the city. He claimed they had Tasered Mistic and made him feel unnecessarily roughed up after receiving a complaint of assault. Nicholas Hanning, one of the two officers involved in Tasering Mistic, was dismissed from the department after another incident. He was charged with felony attack on an at-risk person.