Vatican Again Pushes for Global “Fiscal Redistribution” to Fight Poverty

This week, the Vatican pressed for worldwide redistribution.

Pope Francis’ secretary for relations, Archbishop Paul Gallagher, called for greater redistribution in the wake of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

Pope Francis is a proponent of Marxism ever since he gained control over the Catholic Church.

In 2015 Francis endorsed the UN’s Marxist 2030 agenda in support of global wealth redistribution. This pandemic clearly has given the Vatican the impetus to advocate for a world-wide, godless Marxism.

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The Catholic News Service reported Wednesday that Archbishop Paul Gallagher, Vatican’s foreign minister, has called for greater redistribution to overcome economic inequalities.

In his address before a high-level U.N. meeting on inequality and prosperity, Archbishop Gallagher asserted that “fighting rampant inequality cannot be achieved without fiscal redistribution and increasing the progressiveness of income taxation schedules.”

“Better taxation can redistribute a portion of the rents accruing to big corporations and help build up tax bases, especially in developing countries,” he declared.

The archbishop also noted how the global coronavirus pandemic has slowed humanity’s progressive elimination of extreme poverty.

The World Bank, for instance, has estimated the pandemic “drove an additional 97 million people into extreme poverty in 2020.”

“As wages have decreased, millions of individuals have been plunged into poverty, and this has set back poverty reduction targets by nearly a decade,” Gallagher said, adding that those already in vulnerable situations “were disproportionately affected by its fallout.”