Seattle PD Braces For Mass Firing of More Than 400 Unvaccinated Officers; City Already Reeling From Understaffed Force Prompting Massive Spike In Crime

The Seattle Police Department is preparing to fire as many as 400 unvaccinated officers if they do not give in to the city’s strict vaccine mandate that will begin on October 18th.

It is now facing the difficult decision of letting go 40% of the department’s officers, despite having an acute staff shortage which has made it more vulnerable against massive increases in crime.

Over the last year, hundreds of officers left the department due to budget cuts massively slashed and the radical anti-police policies enacted in the name of leftists who are responsible for state legislation.

Over 100 Officers Have Left Seattle Police Department In Recent Months – Active Force Smallest In Decades

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Many more people are facing termination as a result of not having taken the experimental jab.

The mandate could affect nearly 40% of SPD officers (from 1,080). As Friday approached, nearly 40% of active SPD officers (403 out of 1,080) had not submitted their proof of vaccination. 111 others are still waiting for their exemption request to be processed. 

At 1,080, the number of available officers is lower than it has been since the 1980’s. To make the matter more concrete, KKTH reports that as low as 70 officers are patrolling streets each night.

Seattle, which has more than 724k people, will now have 677 officers to protect its citizens. 

In an email that was sent to unvaccinated officers by radical-leftist Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin, she shamelessly claims that she “values” each one of them despite creating a violent anti-police climate that forced hundreds of officers to resign over the past year.

There is no shortage of morally bankrupt hypocrites on the left, that’s for sure.

The Daily Mail reports:

“Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan told city staff in an email on Monday that she values ‘each of you, and do not want to lose you as employees.’ 

She enforced her mandate by writing: ‘The people that count on you the most are the ones that need you to get vaccinated.’”

In preparation for the mass firing, SPD Chief Adrian Diaz has already warned officers to be ready for a ‘Stage 3 Mobilization’ that will go into effect on October 13. Fox 13 obtained an internal memo detailing the emergency. The memo stated that any officers remaining will be available at all time to answer 911 calls.

These are the guidelines for Seattle City: ‘While under the stage 3 mobilization, every sworn member of the department shall be in their class A/B uniform for the duration of their shift. Those members who are in non-patrol units shall be prepared to immediately report to one of the five precincts for 911 call response.’ 

Seattle has four levels of emergency response. The lowest, Stage 3, is for emergencies where the authorities are unable to maintain order. The only stage higher – stage 4 – would be considered a full-blown state of emergency.

Seattle might be in a fourth-stage emergency due to how violent crime is rising amid the staffing crisis.  The city is already on track to shatter last year’s homicide rate, which was also a record high. 

Take a look at how police have dealt with the BLM terrorists, who overran the leftist haven.

Seattle Police Officer Burned After Thug Sets Fire to His Car With Him Inside (VIDEO).

One of many horrifying examples.

It’s just part of the left’s new normal in Seattle. All crime – not just violent – has been rising throughout the year. Residents should be ready for even more of the same or worse.