President Trump Lays Out Perfectly Joe Biden and the Democrats’ Record of Total Destruction (VIDEO)

President Trump spoke on Saturday at the “Save America Rally” in Des Moines, Iowa.

Trump demolished Joe Biden, the Democrats and their historical attempts to bring America down.

President Trump laid out perfectly Joe Biden and the Democrat majority’s record of total destruction.

Donald Trump After just nine months under Biden —
** Gangs of bloodthirsty criminals and violenceOur streets are being taken over
** Illegal aliensOur borders are being overthrown by drug cartels and other dangerous criminals
** InflationIs our economy being taken over?
** ChinaAre our jobs being taken over?
** The TalibanAfghanistan has been taken control
** Leftists of the Lunatic ReligionOur schools are being taken over
** Socialist radicalsThey are taking control of our country

TRENDINGLIVE-STREAM VISIT: Trump Atsisks Iowa State Fairgrounds Des Moines – 7 PM Central – 190,000.

Trump got it right.
If they tried to kill America, Democrats wouldn’t do anything different.

It’s clear.