Jim Acosta Whines at Andrew Yang for Going on ‘Bad Person’ Tucker Carlson’s Show (VIDEO)

Jim Acosta, a CNN propagandist, blasted Andrew Yang for being on Tucker Carlson Today.

This former Democrat presidential candidate launched his own party to try to get people of all political stripes to join him. Carlson is currently the top-watched cable news program.

To reach out to Republicans, Yang sat down with Carlson on Thursday — and Acosta was outraged.

“Tucker Carlson, I mean, let’s just say he’s just a bad person, and he represents so much of what is wrong in television news these days,” Acosta told Yang during an interview on Saturday. “You know this all too well: He spouts off white nationalist talking points. So why would you even go on his show?”

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Yang explained to the activist television host that he wants to “take the temperature of the country down” and the best way to do that is to reach out to people you may not always agree with.

“The goal is to have Republicans who are discontent to channel their discontent in a positive way, and right now, in my view, it’s not going in a positive direction,” Yang said. “I’d like to help change that.”

Acosta replied by asking, “And you think you can bring some of Tucker’s viewers into the Forward Party? I mean, is that what you were trying to do there?”

Yang stated that the father conservative of one of Yang’s longtime volunteers expressed interest in Yang after viewing the interview. He added that the nation is “teetering toward some version of a new civil war and political violence.”

“Unfortunately, incentives are going to make that more likely, not less likely, over time, unless we have a dramatic shift in dynamic. And that’s what I’m trying to provide with the Forward Party. It’s going to involve reaching out to Americans of every political alignment,” Yang stated.