In a Blatant Disregard for the Truth, Far-Left and Mainstream Media Claiming No Election ‘Irregularities’ in Arizona

Garbage far-left and Mainstream Media claim there were no ‘irregularities’ found in the audit of the 2020 Election results from Maricopa County.  These assertions are false.  

Far-left media outlet Slate claimed on Thursday that there was “no evidence of election irregulaties” in the audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 Election results.  This claim is completely false.

Is it any surprise that two of the main authors of the partisan election review in Arizona didn’t even show up to Thursday’s hearing by the House Oversight Committee to investigate their report? Although the audit of Maricopa County was not able to find evidence of any election irregularities, it did turn up more votes in favor for President Joe Biden. But that hasn’t stopped the review’s leaders from suggesting Trump won in Arizona. On Thursday, Cyber Ninjas’ two leading investigators decided to leave and not testify that they had reviewed the results to indicate a win for former President Trump.

Attacks like this by the far-left online site are typical of Big Media’s attention to the Maricopa audit.  Last night, however, Donald Trump chose to share his interpretation of Arizona’s audit findings.

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On Thursday, Democrats were turned on their heels by Congressman Andy Biggs asking about Arizona’s election scam. This was amazing.

They were unable to explain how they moved and deleted election data following a subpoena or why they never provided chain of custody documents for millions upon millions of ballots. Congressman Andrew Clyde exposed the Democrats’ “Big Lie” that Biden “won” the recount, because no matter how many times you count counterfeit money, “you may have 100 pieces of paper in your pocket, but you sure don’t have $100 dollars in legal tender.”

This hearing revealed how many laws were violated during Arizona’s voting process, including how blank mail-in ballot envelopes could have been approved and the number of fraudulent ballots.

Fake News refuses to answer these questions because they show, unambiguously, that we won Arizona and many other states.

Problem for far-left media lies in the fact that almost 700,000.000 of the 2020 Elections in Maricopa County had issues.

BREAKING: THE LIST – Nearly 700,000 Maricopa County Ballots Identified with Issues from the Audit and Separate Canvassing Work to Date

Liberal, far-left garbage sites and Mainstream media say there is no evidence of irregularities. They are misinformed, biased, or dishonest.